Dan Wickline

Dan Wickline Writes Novelisation Of The Boys

Dan Wickline Writes Novelisation Of Garth Ennis' The Boys

Dan Wickline was a reporter, reviewer and interviewer for Bleeding Cool for many years, but has now moved onto greater things Writing creator-owned books at Image Comics like The Freeze, editing Nancy Collins on a new Vampirella prose line and now writing the novelisation of The Boys.Not the TV series, mind, but the comic book,[...]

Horror Writing

19 More Halloween Horror Writing Tips For Crafting Your Best Story Yet

Earlier this month, I posted 12 horror writing tips for Halloween. I've continued posting them on social media and now I'm going to collect the final 19 here. My horror writing background includes working on two 30 Days of Night miniseries and adapting an F. Paul Wilson story for IDW, scripting Savage and Strange Tales […]

Horror Writing

12 Halloween Horror Writing Tips

As some of you may know, I'm a writer. I've done quite a few comics and a couple novels and a good number of them are in the horror genre. I don't necessarily consider myself a horror writer, but having teamed with Steve Niles when I was starting out set me on that path for […]

Frank Miller and Geof Darrow's Hard Boiled Starring Tom Hiddleston Anyone?

I'm always wary of posting rumors started by Hollywood gossip site Deadline because doing so once resulted in my receiving a thirty minute long bare bottom spanking from Dan Wickline, but in this particular case, it's probably worth the risk Supposedly, Warner Bros is in negotiation to adapt Frank Miller and Geof "Geoff" "Jeff" Darrow's[...]

Things To Do In Southern California Tomorrow If You Like Comics

Tomorrow, Saturday August 13th, Kimzar Kollectibles will be celebrating their 1st anniversary open. And with the news of shops closing, seeing a newer one keep going it worth celebrating. The store in Santa Clarita, California will be having an event starting at 10 a.m that includes a signing, sales and refreshments. Now, the name in […]

Exclusive – Educated Corpses Chapter One

I have recently completed my third full length novel, Educated Corpses. It's the third novel in my Lucius Fogg series and is available now on Amazon.com in both print and digital formats. The Fogg series had a very interesting origin. The character started as a digital chapter book for Cellar Door Publishing ran by Jade […]

Exclusive: Educated Corpses – The Making Of A Book Cover

Some of you know that besides writing articles for Bleeding Cool, I also write comics, novels and whatever else folks will pay me to do. On the prose front, I have a series of novels published by Dark Muse Press based on a detective named Jimmy Doyle and an occultist named Lucius Fogg who deal […]

A Few Thoughts On Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill

I've been writing for Bleeding Cool for over 2.5 years now and in that time Rich Johnston has said to me on more than one occasion that I should talk more about my writing. The stuff I do outside of BC. I've been a freelance writer for 15 years having gotten my first paid work […]

Did I Leave Something At 10 Cloverfield Lane?

This story is a bit personal. I was checking my social media accounts today and came across a tweet from someone that said "@danwickline I really hope you were paid for 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer." I had no idea what they were talking about. I hadn't seen the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, I had […]

Exclusive Advanced Look At Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #3

The story is written by Matt Hawkins and Dan Wickline (me) and drawn by Linda Sejic.Here in the third issue, Honor and Horace Harkness and Scotty Tremaine are aboard Eros looking for Honor's missing uncle when they are arrested for starting a fight in a casino.This is straight from[...]

Top Cow Preview – Artemis IX One-Shot

Just because you’re paranoid and the equivalent of a God doesn’t mean they’re not after you."Written by Dan Wickline, with art from Johnny Desjardins and colors by Chris Northrop. As the IXth Generation one-shots continue, Top Cow turns its focus on Artemis IX The publisher also said recently that their[...]

Buried Alive – Preview Of Grimm Tales Of Terror #12

and unlike with Sela, when Keres comes around someone is likely to die.The creative team for the 12th issue include story by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, script by Dan Wickline, art by Josh Gorge and Ronilson Freire and colors by Viviane Tybusch The issue goes on sale July 1st.[...]

Tales Of Honor: Bred to Kill Tells Original Honor Harrington Story

Now Matt Hawkins (Think Tank) who did the original series is joined by co-writer Dan Wickline (Artemis IX) and artist Linda Sejic (Wildfire) to create the first ever original comic story arc Set in the Honorverse between On Basilisk Station and The Honor of the Queen, Bred to Kill takes Harrington to an orbiting version of[...]

Lady Death: Apocalypse #5 In Shops This Week From Boundless

and I wrote the issue.Lady Death: Apocalypse #5 Written by Dan Wickline  Art by Marc BorstelAs a horde of the blood-infected attack Sanctum House, Lady Death finds herself giving into the power of the Void which makes her extremely dangerous to friends and foes Meanwhile Queen Tormina completes the sacrifice ceremony and her senior advisor stands[...]

The Tax Auditor, The Comic Writer And The City Of Phoenix

One of the hard and fast rules of journalism is never make yourself part of the story. I don't consider myself a journalist… I'm a guy that writes comics, prose, screenplays or whatever else someone will pay me to do… I'm a wordsmith for hire basically. But when I'm writing for the site, I try […]

Ember Begins And Lady Death Ends In Boundless Solicitations For July 2015

Included is the zero issue of Ember by Christian Zanier and the final issue of Lady Death: Apocalypse by Dan Wickline and Marc Borstel.EMBER #0 BIKINI CVR Retail Price: $5.99 US Cover, Art &Writer: Christian Zanier MR, Color, 32 pages, monthlyPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Boundless Comics’ newest femme fatale, Ember bursts onto the scene with this sensual cover that was[...]

Script 2 Art – The Process Behind The Blood Queen Annual

Some of you may have picked up on my name on the Dynamite solicitations for the Blood Queen Annual coming out next month. I did a 16-page back-up story focusing on the Knight of Purity which was a lot of fun to write. Well, as the pages started coming in, I got permission to show […]

Artifacts #37 And A Voice In The Dark #7 – Top Cow Previews

A Voice In The Dark #7 from Larime Taylor and Artifacts #37 by Dan Wickline and Rom.. yes, I know I'm Dan Wickline but I have to make this look official Both books are on sale this Wednesday.ARTIFACTS #37 by Dan Wickline and RomWhen someone uses math to access an ancient and evil power, it's up[...]