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Is This The First Look At Duke Thomas's New 'Dark Matter' Costume As The Signal?
There was speculation rife after the release of Dark Days: The Forge and Dark Days: The Casting about what exactly was going on with Batman's latest young protege Duke Thomas We then got confirmation from writer Scott Snyder that Duke would be getting his own series spinning out of Dark Nights: Metal, and that the[...]
The Batman Hater Rises – Dark Days: The Casting #1 Review
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] After the initial reaction to my Dark Days: The Forge review, it only seemed prudent to take on the follow-up issue Dark Days: The Casting. For those who don't want to read through the whole thing, I'm no fan of Batman (hence the title to this review) The Forge read like a fawning pinnacle of[...]
plastic man
And as people pore over the pages and try to find every Easter egg, some are taking to just asking the writer. CBR did an interview with Snyder where the writer reveals some interesting little pieces that some may have missed. The first comes from Dark Days: The Forge, actually — the mysterious egg in the Batcave[...]
Dark Days: The Forge Review – A Deep Dive Into DC To Start New 'Metal' Event
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Art by Andy Kubert Dark Days: The Forge is our first piece of the story towards DC's big major crossover event, Metal It's also the first major crossover event that Scott Snyder has written that spans the whole DC universe, and not just the Bat-family So how does it stack up? In a word: Broadly. This issue,[...]
Take A Look Inside Dark Days: The Forge
We've already seen the Jim Lee cover to Dark Days: The Forge #1 that brings metallic foil variants back to DC Now, we've got a first look at the interior pages of the comic, along with some more details on the comic from the press release: DARK DAYS: THE FORGE begins with a discovery, and a secret[...]
Jim Lee's Cover For Dark Days: The Forge Brings Metallic Foil Covers Back To DC
DC decided on this progression after unearthing a centuries-old prophecy from the renowned prophet Danstrodidimos, which said, "First Comes The Dark Days, Which Gives Way To The Dark Nights, Which Gives Birth To The Dark Matter." Close adherence to the publishing ritual will result in increased sales for DC and continued public relations mishaps for their competitors[...]