Scott Snyder Reveals Some More About Metal And His 'Dark Crisis'

Dark Days: The Casting revealed plenty about the shape of things to come from DC in the very near future as part of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's event, Metal. And as people pore over the pages and try to find every Easter egg, some are taking to just asking the writer.

CBR did an interview with Snyder where the writer reveals some interesting little pieces that some may have missed.

The first comes from Dark Days: The Forge, actually — the mysterious egg in the Batcave that looks like everyone's favourite zany elastic hero? Plastic Man.

scott snyder metal

Now, obviously, everyone figured this was the return of Plastic Man — first time since DC's Rebirth — but perhaps we all forgot to remember just what eggs traditionally do? Snyder went on:

"Similarly, that's Plastic Man in the egg. But! There's something else inside of Plastic Man that you don't even know yet!

I want [Metal] to be like that, where you're like, 'Shut up! This is an awesome, I love it!' And then I get to be like 'Well… guess what else?'"

What else indeed!

Snyder also may have revealed a little more than intended when talking about part of the big bad behind Metal, alluded to in The Casting, and perhaps that is also the "true father of Batman". Now, beware, this is a potential spoiler.

Snyder talks about the mysterious beast that the cultists at the end of the issue worship, and the imagery of birds vs. bats that runs throughout the issue, with this little piece of info:

"The idea is that there is a bat thing, in continuity, in DC history, that to me is totemic and could be as big as the things that inspire, like, pantheons and mythology. Or, maybe it's older and more ancient and scary than that. So, in the way, it's this thing that argues that the bat is a symbol of not just darkness, but something that works as a messenger from nightmares. It's a symbol that Batman has actually co-opted to mean the reverse of that, where he's taken the bat and made it about bravery and facing fear."

A "bat thing' in DC continuity that is totemic and almost mythic in scope. It sounds a lot like Barbatos.

Last time we saw Barbatos, it was a Death Idea, a Hyper-Adapter unleashed by Darkseid, sent backwards through time to destroy Batman in The Return of Bruce Wayne. It was also ultimately defeated by Vandal Savage at the dawn of mankind.

Could this be another restructuring of an idea to come? Could Barbatos now be a being from the Dark Multiverse?

Hard to say for sure, as Snyder also promises that there is a lot of new to come in Metal, so maybe this could be something else entirely, or just one small aspect of the upcoming story.

The only real answer will come in Metal, which begins next month.

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