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Castle Talk: Kathryn Leigh Scott Takes You On A 32-Book "Dark Shadows" Audio Time Warp

This week we spoke to Kathryn Leigh Scott and Steve Smith, the reader and publisher respectively of a new series of audiobooks releases of the curious and compelling 1960s Dark Shadows audiobooks Scott, a writer, and actress is well-remembered as waitress-turned-governess Maggie on the original show, and she reads the books with warmth and an[...]

dark shadows

"Dark Shadows: Reincarnation" – CW, WBTV Teaming for Cult Classic Continuation

Televsion are hoping that the the fourth time's the charm, with the network and studio teaming up for Dark Shadows: Reincarnation, based on the 1966 cult classic television horror soap opera from Dan Curtis Written by Mark B Perry (Revenge, Ghost Whisperer), the hour-long gothic drama is set to be executive produced by Curtis' daughters[...]

[Castle of Horror] Lake of Dracula Gives Us Hammer Horror With A Japanese Filter, Plus Endgame: Did Dr. Strange Make A Mistake?

[Castle of Horror] 'Lake of Dracula' Hammer Horror With A Japanese Filter, Bonus 'Endgame' SPOILERS

Order yours-- we've got stories from Kevin J Anderson, Dark Shadows' Lara Parker, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' (IDW) Tom Waltz, and more, all bringing their personal spin to our new horror anthology series. Listen here:http://audio.voxnest.com/stream/6f142deca77f468b96afa07d21684af0/traffic.libsyn.com/castleofhorror/lake_dracula_endgame_rev.mp3Listen on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyj7_SgXcUQCheck out the Trailer for Lake of Dracula:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWCtbSjmR6MCastle of Horror Podcast:Join us over on Facebook to chime in.The show is hosted here[...]

Castle Talk: Relive The Birth Of TV Horror With Master Of Dark Shadows

[Castle Talk] Relive The Birth Of TV Horror With 'Master Of Dark Shadows'

Moreau.Now his subject is Dark Shadows, which starred Canadian actor Jonathan Frid as vampire Barnabas Collins and inspired the 2012 film of the same name The doc features interviews with cast members like Lara Parker, John Karlen and David Selby, famous fans like Whoopi Goldberg, partners of producer Dan Curtis like Barbara Steele, and is narrated[...]

Castle Talk: Return To Dark Shadows With Lara Parker's "Heiress Of Collinwood"

Lara Parker has written a series of gothic novels that follow up on the original TV series Dark Shadows, and this month she releases the most anticipated Dark Shadows story yet Heiress of Collinwood promises a solution to the mystery that drove the show's very first seasons: the secret origin of Victoria Winters, the governess whose[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Dark Shadows #1 By Manning And Campbell

As the sale gets close to wrapping up and we have our penultimate free comic we turn to a television adaptation of the most bizarre soap operas ever on American TV. Dark Shadows #1 with stories from Stuart Manning, art by Aaron Campbell and a cover by Francesco Francavilla. Television's original reluctant vampire is back! Barnabas Collins is re-adjusting to[...]

Jason Chen Talks About Digital Bundling And How StoryBundle Is Different

With StoryBundle doing their new Dynamite Graphic Novel bundle, I thought it would be a good idea to chat with StoryBundle's founder Jason Chen and find out just how the whole thing got started and how they differ from some of the other bundle programs that are out there. Bleeding Cool: Let's start off with […]

Kathryn Leigh Scott To Appear On Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD

This is an interesting story for a unique source - a Dark Shadows fan site - that has information about Marvel's Agents of SHIELD The report says that actress Kathryn Leigh Scott, who played Maggie Evans on Dark Shadows, has been cast in the mid-season premiere of Agents of SHIELD scheduled to air March 3rd[...]

Mike Raicht Talks Dark Shadows And The End Of The Stuff Of Legend

The writer made his mark on the industry with the amazing all-age's story The Stuff Of Legend and went on to do the pulpy sci-fi Wild Blue Yonder with IDW at the same time he's been doing the horror classic Dark Shadows for Dynamite Nancy Collins caught up with the talented Mr Raicht to talk[...]

Extended Red Sonja And Jennifer Blood – And Other Dynamite Previews

Intrigue and action as the Lone Ranger and Tonto fight to survive in the "civilized" world.DARK SHADOWS: YEAR ONE #5 Marc Andreyko (w) Guiu Vilanova (a) Patrick Berkenkotter (c) FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+ Joshua Collins, desperate to save his son Barnabas' soul from vampiric damnation, seeks out help -- any help[...]

Into The Wild Blue Yonder With Mike Raicht

Mike is a very talented and prolific writer currently working on a new series for IDW Publishing called Wild Blue Yonder as well as The Stuff Of Legends, Dark Shadows and he even has time for a Batman, Inc story I got a chance to chat with Mike about WBY, parallel's between it and TSOL[...]

Now Is The Time To Buy The Complete Dark Shadows TV Series For $300 Off

If Tim Burton's big screen adaptation of classic seventies supernatural soap opera Dark Shadows left you feeling a bit dissatisfied, but nostalgic for the good old days of Jonathan Frid's Barnabas Collins, then now is the time to jump in and get the entire original series with $299.99 off the price tag and free shipping[...]

Dark Shadows' Barnabas Collins Hooks Up With Vampirella In August

I've never known Nick Barrucci of Dynamite Entertainment to miss a commercial opportunity he can hang his hat on.Now that the Dark Shadows movie is out, valiantly battling against The Avengers, they're now announcing that, in August, Dark Shadows' Barnabas Collins will be appearing in his first cross-over comic with Vampirella. Written by Marc Andreyko, drawn[...]

Dark Shadows #5 Extended Preview, With Other Dynamite Dwellers

Here's an extended look at Dynamite's new issue of Dark Shadows, handily coincidental with the release of a certain film, and other less-extended previews of Dynamite titles out today...[issuu width=420 height=315 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120509103121-c9a71ccc45074240b1968222bb88d890 name=ds05-prev username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2]DARK SHADOWS #5 32 pages FC  • $3.99  •  Teen + Written by STUART MANNING Art by GORDON PURCELL Cover by FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA Barnabas Collins[...]

The Look Of Barnabas Collins – A New Dark Shadows Featurette

Amongst the revelations in this new featurette: that Tim Burton's Dark Shadows was born out of a conversation with Johnny Depp about making a vampire film, generally, and not an adaptation of this show in particular.That's a little surprising, I think.Also amusing to hear Helena say "What has he made you into this time." They're[...]

Two Dark Shadows Featurettes – The Family Dynamic And The Vampire Genre

I'm loving the pre-release promos for Dark Shadows Here's hoping the film lives up to the moderately oddball vibe they're giving off This time next week, I'll know for sure.These two featurettes sell two different angles: the soap opera, and the vampire horror.I'm loving the pre-release promos for Dark Shadows Here's hoping the film[...]

Whole Collection Of Clips From Dark Shadows

You may get a better idea of what Tim Burton's Dark Shadows is, and it's something quite odd and particular indeed, from these clips I have to say, I'm liking the look of this Burton may have tried to resist pigeonholing the film as a comedy, but you'll see that there's definitely a lot of[...]

Johnny Depp's Tribute To Jonathan Frid, Who Has Passed Away Aged 87

Jonathan Frid was TV's beloved Barnabas Collins, starring in the offbeat supernatural soap Dark Shadows from 1966 until 1971 He has passed away at the age of 87.In less than three weeks, Frid will be making his last screen appearance with a cameo in the Dark Shadows movie.Rather than writing something myself, I want to pass[...]