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EverQuest II Reveals Game's 19th Expansion: Renewal Of Ro
In the latest producer letter, Darkpaw Games revealed the latest expansion for EverQuest II, which they are calling Renewal Of Ro The letter actually went over a number of items, including how they're working with Extra life again, which we have a snippet of that info down below But the big selling point to the[...]
EverQuest II Will Receive New Major Update On April 12th
Darkpaw Games announced this week they have a brand new major update coming to EverQuest II, revealed by the head of the studio In a letter penned by Jennifer Chan, it goes over a number of the changes that will be coming to the next update, as well as providing a roadmap for content coming[...]
EverQuest 2 - Lore & Legend Server - Kael Drakkel Launches
Darkpaw Games has launched a new server for EverQuest 2 players as you can get involved with Lore & Legend Server – Kael Drakkel For old-=school fans of the game, this will be a fun throwback for them as this evergreen story-mode server will allow players to run through the first seven expansions of the[...]
EverQuest II: Toil & Trouble Game Update
Darkpaw Games has released a brand new update into EverQuest II as players can now dabble in more magic with Toil & Trouble The update brings with it a ton of new content which includes dungeons, collections, and missions for fans and members to explore throughout the game We have a rundown of what's included[...]
EverQuest Has Unlocked Mischief & Thornblade Progression Servers
Darkpaw Games has expanded the gameplay in EverQuest this week as they have opened up the Mischief and Thornblade progression servers These have been designed to be randomized loot progression servers that will begin access to the original zones that were available at launch Over time they will eventually be added to other expansions, but[...]
Daybreak Games Announces
The three new studios are Dimensional Ink, Rogue Planet Games, and  Darkpaw Games As far as the studio breakdown of games, here's the plan they have moving forward. Dimensional Ink will be focusing on DC Universe Online and upcoming action MMO projects, with CEO Jack Emmert in charge The EverQuest series will be overseen by Darkpaw[...]