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Seprated At Birth: Taylor/Redondo's Nightwing & Fraction/Aja's Hawkeye
Reading Nightwing #78 today from Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas from DC Comics, I couldn't help be reminded of another comic book, Hawkeye by Matt Fraction, David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth from Marvel Comics Coicidence? Homage? Me just seeing things that aren't there? Hawkeye #1 You tell me Hawkeye has a lot of symbology in[...]
Some Thoughts On The Seeds
The Seeds, a comic from Ann Nocenti and David Aja, is that temptation Nocenti's a world-traveling comics veteran, and Aja, you know, from his trend setting work on Marvel's Hawkeye Eagle-eyed readers will note this pairing teamed up for a Daredevil short story called 3 Jacks, way back in 2009 when Ed Brubaker wrote Daredevil. The[...]
David Aja's The Seeds to (Finally) Conclude in November
But acclaimed enviro-thriller The Seeds by Ann Nocenti and David Aja is in a league of its own.  The Seeds #3 was due to be published in October 2018 It was then delayed until the beginning of March 2019 That didn't happen either. And now Dark Horse and Berger Books seems to have decided to skip[...]
"Hawkeye" Set for Fall 2021, Jeremy Renner Dishes Details
Head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige brought Jeremy Renner on stage at Hall H to talk about the upcoming Hawkeye series. The Hawkeye logo looked like the same logo used for Matt Fraction and David Aja's acclaimed run on the comic. Renner said the show would address Clint Barton's time as Ronin during the 5-year gap in Avengers: Endgame[...]
The Seeds #1 cover by David Aja
Race is odd, though, and there is something more to this person. The Seeds #1 cover by David Aja The Seeds #1 is a bleak yet honest view of a world teetering towards destruction It looks at the last gasps of this split society while a group of people just try to make their mark while there[...]
Dark Horse's Berger Books Spotlights Titles From Gibbons, Johnson, And Others
First issue out January 31st, 2018. The Seeds, a four-issue series by Nocenti and David Aja Nocenti says at its core, it's a human-alien love story, but we don't know if the aliens are just crazy or really aliens There is a wall between two sides (sound familiar?) and it's about love crossing gender and[...]
Greg Ruth And David Aja Do New Marvel Prints For Mondo
Greg Ruth (Freaks of the Heartland) has done up two variations of a new Daredevil poster and David Aja (The Immortal Iron Fist) has done two different Scarlet Witch pieces. The Daredevil print will be an 18" x 24" screen print with the main, red background one limited to 275 prints and the white background variant limited to[...]
Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon – 24 Trades Of Christmas
And when you are looking for Hawkeye stories, there are few better than Matt Fraction and David Aja's run that kicked off with a trade called My Life As A Weapon. Coming off his live-action appearance in Thor and The Avengers, Clint Barton gets his own series where he's trying to prove himself as one of[...]
Next Week… I'll Be At London Super Comic Con. Will You?
If you see me, say hi, I always appreciate it. Here's a look at what's waiting for me. Attending creators include Brian Bolland, Frank Cho, David Finch, Humberto Ramos, Mike Zeck, Marv Wolfman, David Aja, Heather Antos, Mahmud Asrar, Jeremy Bastion, Simone Bianchi, Mark Buckingham, Howard Chaykin, Ian Churchill, Katie Cook, Steve Dillon, Duncan Fegredo, Meredith Finch, Gary[...]
First Valiant Statue To Be Bloodshot Based On The Art Of David Aja
Valiant Entertainment and Quarantine Studio have announced the Bloodshot by David Aja 1/6 Scale Limited Statue – the first-ever officially licensed Valiant statue Based on the artwork of artist David Aja (Hawkeye, Immortal Iron Fist), this cold-cast resin statue recreates Aja's cover for Bloodshot #1 (2012) and stands tall at nearly 15 inches and will be limited to only 300[...]
SDCC '15: Behind The Pages With Hawkeye Artist David Aja
By Joseph Schmidt Venerable artist David Aja was absent from San Diego last year, when Hawkeye #11 took home the Eisner for Best Single Issue This year he's making up for lost time with his own spotlight panel. Burdened by technical difficulties that would make Clint Barton blush, Con staff attempted to fix the connection from Aja's[...]
Hawkeye #22 Has Been Finished For A Month
But the very late Hawkeye #22 has, it seems, been ready for a while. Really, again, no idea about Hawkeye #22 schedule stuff , I already did it like a month ago or so… — David Aja (@davaja) April 28, 2015 Though when asked about the delay, So what's the hold up with the last issue of Hawkeye? Both[...]