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Peach Momoko, David Baldeon, Draw Surprise Strange Academy Comics Today
Villa, Toth by David Baldeon… Strange Academy Presents: The Death Of Doctor Strange #1 from Marvel Comics …Doyle by Luciano Vecchio and Zoe by Natacha Bustos. DEATH COMES FOR THE SORCERER SUPREME! Doctor Stephen Strange is the world's greatest neurosurgeon and Earth's Sorcerer Supreme He defends our planet from the supernatural and interdimensional threats no other hero is[...]
Cover image for X-FACTOR #10 GALA
We have no idea, other than to suggest that collectors might want to be lining up outside their comic book store on Wednesday. X-FACTOR #10 GALA MARVEL COMICS APR210798 APR210801 – X-FACTOR #10 BALDEON CHARACTER DESIGN VAR GALA – $3.99 APR210800 – X-FACTOR #10 DAUTERMAN CONNECTING VAR GALA – $3.99 APR210802 – X-FACTOR #10 JIMENEZ PRIDE MONTH VAR GALA – $3.99 (W)[...]
Marvel Solicit Covers... temp
However, could a new woman be about to become the God of Thunder? Revealed in Marvel's full November 2019 solicitations on Thursday, it looks like Gwenpool will get her hands on the hammer in Gwenpool Strikes Back #4, by Leah Williams and David Baldeon. Of course, to take that at face value, one would need to trust[...]
Gwenpool Strikes Back in New Mini From Leah Williams and David Baldeon
Spinning out of the events of West Coast Avengers, Gwenpool will star in a new mini-series this Summer from the creative team of Leah Williams and David Baldeon.  Comic Book Resources had the EX-X-XCLUSIVE thanks to the "access journalism" which is killing the media In Gwenpool Strikes Back, Gwen, in an attempt to avoid disappearing[...]
Domino #4 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata
Plastic Man is Gail Simone's other attempt at a book like this right now, and it's currently running a lot more smoothly. Domino #4 art by David Baldeon and Jesus Aburtov David Baldeon's artwork gels mostly well in this issue The panel-dressing and creativity attributed to the training session with Shang is genuinely cool The facial expressions[...]
Domino #3 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata
That doesn't quite salvage the story of this book though. Domino #3 art by Anthony Piper David Baldeon's artwork in this issue feels a little lacking too There are plenty of dramatic scenes that are undercut by how goofy some of the pained facial expressions appear This isn't consistent throughout, but it is a noticeable issue[...]
Domino #2 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata
It's also weird seeing X-Men and Taskmaster in the same room and not fighting. Domino #2 art by David Baldeon and Jesus Aburtov David Baldeon's artwork continues to impress with its focus on expression and motion The action sequences look really good as a result, and the somber moments with Neena are solid There is certainly a[...]
Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of May 9th, 2018: No Justice and Freddy's Dead
The first issue was a gorgeous and atmospheric read; here's hoping Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl, and MSASSYK will keep up the good work this week. Medieval Spawn and Witchblade #1 cover by Brian Haberlin Medieval Spawn and Witchblade #1 The Medieval incarnation of Spawn teams up with Witchblade for the first time in 20 years. Brian Haberlin and Brian Holguin bring this Image Comics event together. Domino[...]
Comic Book Wins and Losses April 11th, 2018: Sorting Out the New Series'
While there are some cool ideas in the lore of this new series, the implementation of said ideas left a lot to be desired. Domino #1 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata Win: Domino #1 Raises the Stakes Gail Simone and David Baldeon's Domino finally released this week, and it was every ounce the exciting and charming action comic for which[...]
Bleeding Cool Comics Chatter, Week of April 11th, 2018: Read Terrifics Instead of Immortal Men
As usual, Jeremy Konrad and I are here to discuss which ones are worthy of your time and money and which ones to avoid like the plague. Immortal Men #1 by James Tynion IV and Jim Lee, Domino by Gail Simone and David Baldeon, Exiles by Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez, Crude by Steve Orlando and Garry Brown, and The Dead Hand by Kyle Higgins and Steve Mooney are the focuses of discussion this week[...]
Brothers Dracul #1 cover by Mirko Colak and Maria Santaolalla
They want him to be their new ruler, but is Steve Rogers cut out for such a task? Plus, an untold tale will be completed with the help of Mark Waid and the art of Jack "King" Kirby. Domino #1 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata Domino #1 The highly-anticipated Domino series by Gail Simone and David Baldeon finally kicks off this week[...]