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Leah Williams and David Baldeon Launch X-Factor at Marvel Dawn of X

Leah Williams and David Baldeón Resurrect X-Factor at Marvel in April

Marvel has announced the latest addition to the X-book lineup while simultaneously answering the question of where the heck the Wave 2 Dawn of X book written by Leah Williams is. Williams will reunite with David Baldeón for X-Factor, a mutant team dedicated to investigating mutant deaths and maintaining the reincarnation rules. Northstar, Polaris, Prodige, […]

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Gwenpool to Lift Thor's Hammer in November's Gwenpool Strikes Back#4

Jane Foster will be the new wielder of Mjolnir in the upcoming Marvel Studios movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. But in the pages of the comics, Jane is done being Thor and is now busy starring in her own new series as Valkyrie. However, could a new woman be about to become the God of […]

Gwenpool Strikes Back in New Mini From Leah Williams and David Baldeon

Gwenpool Strikes Back in New Mini From Leah Williams and David Baldeon

Spinning out of the events of West Coast Avengers, Gwenpool will star in a new mini-series this Summer from the creative team of Leah Williams and David Baldeon.  Comic Book Resources had the EX-X-XCLUSIVE thanks to the "access journalism" which is killing the media. In Gwenpool Strikes Back, Gwen, in an attempt to avoid disappearing […]

Domino #4 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata

Domino #4 Review: The Battle of Humor, Stakes, and Sincerity

We get another scene from the past when Domino was a subject of Project Armageddon. We meet a boy named Dominic who seems to suffer every time Neena's powers activate. He has only one friend in the facility: Topaz. In the present, Domino has met and is in the process of training with Shang-Chi, the […]

Domino Makes It Past 6th Issue Milestone, Kicks Off New Storyline in Domino #7

Proving that it is a for-realz ongoing series, and not just a Marvel "mini-series but we want you to actually buy it so we say it's an ongoing" ongoing series, Gail Simone and David Baldeon's Domino will kick off a new storyline in Domino #7 in October. Which is great, because it's a great comic. Additionally, […]

Domino #3 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata

Domino #3 Review: Unearned Moments Helped by Solid Dialogue

Domino, hurt and barely conscious, reminisces on the experiments and the people that created her. Upon awaking, she realizes that all her friends, her team, are dead. This pisses Neena off, and she beelines for Topaz with the intent of putting the woman in the ground. Domino #3 continues the book's descent into the saccharine, […]

Domino #2 cover by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata

Domino #2 Review: Subordinate Chaos

Domino barely survives being thrown out the window of her apartment thanks to the return of her luck powers. The perpetrators escape thanks to their own good fortune. Domino must now figure out how these two were able to ambush her so easily, and the only possibility is that one of her two close friends, […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of May 9th, 2018: No Justice and Freddy's Dead

Wednesday approaches at last, and with it, Bleeding Cool is here to deliver the list of comics worthy of your pull box for the week of May 9th, 2018. Hopefully, you'll find something worthy of your time and money here, and here is a link to ComicsList for the full catalogue. Backways #5 Backways is among […]

Comic Book Wins and Losses April 11th, 2018: Sorting Out the New Series'

We're going to start this installment with a bit of housekeeping for those who, for whatever reason, follow my exploits here on Bleeding Cool. For those not interested, which is completely understandable, you can just start at the list below. I've been working on getting into a schedule–practically since I started on here about 10 […]

Brothers Dracul #1 cover by Mirko Colak and Maria Santaolalla

Comics for Your Pull Box April 11th, 2018: Domino and Exiles Finally Begin!

It's that time of the week again! Let's take a look at what comics are worthy of your pull box this Wednesday of April 11th, 2018. By that, I mean more than just Domino and Exiles, though you can bet they will definitely be included. Brothers Dracul #1 Unholy Grail Creators Cullen Bunn and Mirko Colak reunite under AfterShock, this time bringing us […]

Spirits of Vengeance #5 cover by Dan Mora and Juan Fernandez

Spirits of Vengeance #5 Review: A Satisfying Finale for a Troubled Series

The time for the covenant is now. The Archangel Michael and the Archdemon Beleth are now meeting. The Devil mocks Satana and Daimon for even trying to stop it. On Earth, the two offspring of Satan, Ghost Rider, and Blade must stop Hell from overtaking Earth. Ghost Rider is the key to stopping Beleth and […]

Spirits of Vengeance #4 Cover by Dan Mora and Federico Blee

Spirits of Vengeance #4 Review: Highlight of the Series

Satana and Blade investigate where Necrodamus acquired the pieces of Judas Silver while Necrodamus himself prepares for the final stage of his plan. Later, the Spirits of Vengeance go after the dwarf who forged the pieces of the Judas Silver into a weapon for Necrodamus, which leads to Damion Hellstrom and Satanna pursuing a familial […]


David Baldeón Joins Gail Simone as Artist for Marvel's Domino

Marvel has finally gotten around to announcing who the artist will be on Domino, the Gail Simone-written series announced two weeks ago without an artist attached (because, if you recall, Marvel thinks artists don't move the needle). It's David Baldeón, by the way, who will be fresh off the Spirits of Vengeance mini when Domino launches […]

Spirits of Vengeance #3 cover by Dan Mora and Juan Fernandez

Spirits of Vengeance #3 Review: Better, but Still Very Underwhelming

We learn of the extended story of the pieces of silver, given to Judas Iscariot in exchange for the life of Jesus Christ. More specifically, we are shown how Necrodamus got his hands on the 30 pieces. Necrodamus needs all 30 pieces for the weapon he wishes to create, and he has sent his ally, […]

Marvel Legacy 'Spirits of Vengeance' #1 Review- Fire And Brimstone

So, stop me if you've heard this one before. You're sitting in a diner, and a random guy shows up. He's not looking so hot, and he hands you a piece of silver shortly before exploding in a ball of fire. You walk outside in understanding confusion, and a couple of cops show up who […]

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Is Marvel Legacy's Spirits Of Vengeance, A Five-Issue Mini, "Dead On Arrival?"

Just one day after Marvel revealed the details and creative team of Spirits Of Vengeance, the book has been undercut with the announcement that it will run for just five issues, which is, according to top Marvel brass, "the death knell" for anything in the Marvel Universe that isn't Star Wars. Back in April, during […]