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The Continuity Of Wonder Woman To Be Made Sense Of – DC Rebirth Details


Wonder Woman has suffered considerable contradictions of late, the Azzarello/Chiang Wonder Woman never meshed with the Geoff Johns/Jim Lee version nor the Finch version, it as hard for readers to see these as the same people. Especially with the amount of times her history has been rewritten over the decades.

Rather than seeing this as a weakness new writer Greg Rucka seems to be using this as a strength. This week's DC Rebirth Previews gives us details, and maybe what Rucka would have planned for Wonder Woman: Earth One if he'd been allowed.

"having realized a lot of what is taken as truth about herself is contradictory and the contradictions have become so acute, she no longer knows who she is" Rucka explains. "The first arc is called 'True Lies,' and she's attempting to find the truth

Depending on the answers she finds. Diana may be rocked to her very foundation. Rucka teased a number of questions that Wonder Woman will be struggling w along the way:

"Is she the goddess of War? Was she made from clay? Is she a demi-goddess? Is Themyscira really what its been presented to be? Look back at how many times Diana's mother Hippolyta has died; where's the truth in that? What's accurate, what isn't?"

"We looked at the golden Lasso of Truth but it's not the lasso that does it, it's Diana who brings the truth."

While his Year One storyline will provide foundations…

"There's a moment in Diana's origin story that we forget, and 'Year One' is about reminding people of the importance of that," Rucka notes. "The core moment, maybe one of the most important moments for her, is when she leaves home; the time she answered the call. We overlook that a lot." Naturally with any Year One tale, expect to see some classic tropes re-examined, as well as old friends—not to mention deadly enemies—reintroduced and re-examined: "Steve Trevor's got to be there, Etta Candy has to be there," Rucka says. "You think you know Barbara Minerva, the Cheetah? You think you know what's been going on with Ares? You were wrong—you're just flat-out wrong."

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