DC Creators Discuss Killing Atomic Skull and Deadshot at SDCC

During their DC@Home Day One panel for this year's digital SDCC, DC introduced a panel of creators who gathered to talk about killing two of their characters gleefully: Atomic Skull and Deadshot. Editor Jamie S. Rich introduced writer Tom Taylor, saying, "He's known for killing…" To which Tom interjected with a gleefully murderous tone, and a glint in his eyes: "I destroy icons."

DC SDCC panel screenshot of Deadshot's killers. Credit: Comic-Con@Home.
DC SDCC panel screenshot of Deadshot's killers. Credit: Comic-Con@Home.

"Is it a bad sign," fellow character slayer, artist Mitch Gerads added, "that a bird just flew into my window?"

The DC SDCc panel chuckled nervously at the omen, agreeing that it was a dark portent of things to come. At least for the bird. Tom Taylor, whose Fred Durst appearance was shattered by the shocking reveal of a British accent, continued:

"Look, we're killing Deadshot. That's the big one we're doing but that's like actually in continuity. I kill a lot of characters outside continuity and it's okay because it doesn't have much of a bearing on anything but this done. Yeah, we're killing him and and DC kind of announced it. Suicide Squad, yeah it's finally living up to his name. […] Yeah, Deadshot shot dead. It's awful."

Both Tom and Clayton lamented the mainstream comics method of spoiling big character deaths before the narrative plays out, going as far as to spoil the events of the comic on the cover in huge text. All seemed to agree that they'd rather keep the secrets close to the chest, but knew that DC's way was DC's way. Then, writer Ram V finished off the superhero portion of the DC SDCC panel by talking about ending the current arc on Justice League Dark and starting up a new run with a new team and a new take:

"We're kind of at the culmination of the arc that James [Tynion IV] set up with his run. […] All that craziness is coming to bear. […] My editor on that book Alex said, 'So what do you want to do, pick a new team, start a new adventure?' […] I get to bring in all the weird stuff I always wanted to bring in to this corner of the DCU."

The entire DC SDCC panel for Comic-Con@Home can be watched here.

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