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Star Wars Sandtrooper and Dewback Set Coming From Beast Kingdom
A new Star Wars figure has been revealed as the Imperial Sandtrooper in back on Tattooine along with his mount, the Dewback This is the first time fans are getting a mountable Star Wars creature, and he is loaded with great detail and articulation With 10 posable joints, the Dewback was carefully detailed from its[...]
Star Wars Dewback Mount Coming Soon From Beast Kingdom
They have announced mountable rides for your figures, and kicking things off first is the Dewback Most notable, from Star Wars: A New Hope as the Stormtroopers patrol Tatooine on them The creatures are highly detailed, and each will feature 10 points of articulation in the 4 legs, 4 ankles, tail, and head The Star[...]
'Star Wars: Legion' Empire Players About to Get Big Lizard Energy
Last month, Fantasy Flight Games announced the Tauntaun Riders Unit Expansion, and a couple of friends and I were geeking out about how cool the upcoming units for Star Wars: Legion looked. Then my eyes rolled back into my head, and I uttered pure prophecy from the Force: "I bet Dewbacks are next". The Force is strong with[...]