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Deathstroke #29 cover by Ryan Sook
It's almost wall-to-wall action and maintains that Christopher Priest seriousness and intensity that has made this comic as engaging as it has been since its beginning. Deathstroke #29 art by Diogenes Neves, Trevor Scott, and Jeromy Cox Diogenes Neves's artwork remains attuned to the series and its tone A highly detailed style combines with dynamic and energetic artwork[...]
Deathstroke #28 cover by Ryan Sook
Kong is probably going to annoy the crap out of Slade, and that would be pretty entertaining. The one drawback to all these spinning plates is that no plot advances too far this issue, though they all cooperate in a way that it seems like they may come to a head in unison. Deathstroke #28 art by[...]
Deathstroke #27 cover by Ryan Sook
The way she can play Slade and stare down Ravager is quite impressive for anyone. Deathstroke #27 art by Diogenes Neves, Jason Paz, and Jeromy Cox Diogenes Neves' artwork remains quite good, and it's frankly unheard of for an artist to be able to be left on a book from the Big Two this long It's nice[...]
Deathstroke #26 cover by Ryan Sook
So, you know, like yesterday. Deathstroke #26 art by Diogenes Neves, Jason Paz, and Jeromy Cox Diogenes Neves's artwork continues to be excellent, as this is yet another striking issue of Deathstroke The figures are striking, the action looks solid, and, Isherwood has a really cool visual design Jeromy Cox's colorwork is spot-on too, and the overall visual[...]
Deathstroke #24 cover by Ryan Sook
As much as I love bloodthirsty Deathstroke, I'm still quite intrigued by this total revamp which has him playing hero, using nonlethal methods, and teaming up with something akin to his old pre-Flashpoint Titans team. Deathstroke #24 art by Diogenes Neves and Jeromy Cox As you would expect, this issue focuses and takes place from the point[...]
Deathstroke #23 Review: Speak Softly And Only Carry A Sword If You Wanna Gut People
She's starting to feel like the child-like cat-girl fantasy of far too many anime fans. Diogenes Neves continues to be an excellent artist for this title, with highly detailed and textured scenes, expressive characters, and high-impact action sequences The scene wherein Defiance tackles the ocean-liner crisis is visually very cool Jeromy Cox's color work is very[...]
They feel like non-sequiturs in this comic, because they have no connection whatsoever to what Deathstroke and Defiance are doing in Chetland. That being said, the overall story is still engaging, and it's cool seeing this weird and wild team of outcasts in action while Deathstroke nakedly allows their struggle to test and even injure them. All[...]
Deathstroke #21 Review: Misfit Heroes Defying All Expectations
It's so good to see him wielding that thing once again, especially since it was always one of his most iconic weapons. The art is quite good, with Diogenes Neves and Jason Paz putting together a really gorgeous-looking comic The characters look imposing and threatening, the faces are really expressive, and there is an air of[...]