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Devil May Cry 5
The game brought the series back to its hypermasculine origins, though with a few shakeups to the traditional formula of "ridiculous things happen, Dante kills demons, there is gore." DMC 5 brings back Nero as one of the major playable characters, and yet again, you start off fighting as Nero before moving on to V and[...]
Devil May Cry 5
According to a recent interview with Devil May Cry 5 Director Hideaki Itsuno, a port of DMC 5 to the Switch might be possible in the future It all depends on the success of Dragon's Dogma: the Dark Arisen on Nintendo's hybrid console. As reported by WWG: Game Director Hideaki Itsuno recently spoke with M! Games to talk about the future of[...]
Devil May Cry
The new demo version of the game will be available in February on both Xbox One and PS4, so fans of the franchise can have fun ripping demons apart on their console of choice. Huge thanks to everyone who downloaded and tried out the #DMC5 Xbox One demo! As of today, it will no longer be[...]
Devil May Cry
It gives us details on a few of the special devil breakers that will come in the various special editions of DMC 5, including the Mega Buster which was inspired by Capcom's Mega Man franchise. However, the spotlight for X018 also mentioned when we'd see the game next Apparently, Capcom is planning a Devil May Cry 5 surprise at[...]
Old Man Dante Stars in Devil May Cry 5's TGS Trailer
This is our first look at Dante's gameplay in DMC 5 and it does not disappoint You've got all the usual hallmarks: red leather jacket, trash metal soundtrack, and far too many weapons to count. So, that's one thing confirmed: Dante is still the same old Dante. Even if he does look like your crazy drunk uncle now. Also,[...]
So Devil May Cry 5 will pick up the storyline from Devil May Cry 4 and brings back game director Hideaki Itsuno to helm the project. Protagonists Nero and Dante will make their return to the game, which appears to be a direct sequel to 2008's Devil May Cry 4, and appears to ignore Ninja Theory's DmC: Devil May Cry reboot from 2013[...]
Devil May Cry Director Hideki Kamiya Wants to Remake DMC1
It is one of the more popular games in the DMC series, often sitting at rank 1 or 2 on "Best DMC game" lists. DMC 3 is its main competition. Kamiya had some comments to give about the future of Devil May Cry earlier this year which mostly came down to shaking up the anime-style hack and slash formula the[...]
Take A Peek At The First 30 Minutes Of DmC: Definitive Edition
I feel a lot of people have forgotten about DmC: Definitive Edition, which is out today Perhaps it's remake fatigue or hangover from the whole backlash against Dante's look, but I just haven't seen any real excitement for the title. …which is a shame The original was great and up-scaling it to Xbox One and PlayStation[...]
DmC: Definitive Edition Trailer Is Sensory Overload
Ninja Theory's DmC: Devil May Cry was a divisive title when it came out in 2013 That largely came down to the new look for the character, changing the white haired leather wearing Dante into a Abercrombie and Fich looking, short brown haired Dante. For people who put that aside though, there was an exquisite action game[...]
Kickstart From The Heart – The DMC
Bleeding Cool's Kickstarter Correspondent, Shawn Demumbrum has lead three Kickstarter campaigns to launch comic books, two successfully funded and one that wasn't.  Each week he will point out some of the unique Kickstarter projects that wouldn't normally be published by the big comic book companies, but deserve your attention.  Shawn is the Manager of Comic[...]
Devil May Cry Comic Hits Digital Today, But Print Will Have To Wait Four Months
The first part of DmC: Devil May Cry: The Vergil Chronicles is released digitally today alongside the release of the new game DmC: Devil May Cry, with the concluding second chapter to follow A prequel to the game, the comic reveals the backstory of Vergil and Kat, and are regarded as game continuity. The print issues[...]