Devil May Cry Director Hideki Kamiya Wants to Remake DMC1

Devil May Cry Director Hideki Kamiya Wants to Remake DMC1

Hideki Kamiya has racked up a pretty impressive set of gaming credentials, but he just can't seem to stop talking about one of his most beloved projects. Kamiya took the director's chair for the original Devil May Cry, which initially released back in 2001 on the PlayStation 2. The game has since been ported to the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC as part of two separate HD remaster collections (one of which just released yesterday). It is one of the more popular games in the DMC series, often sitting at rank 1 or 2 on "Best DMC game" lists. DMC 3 is its main competition.

Kamiya had some comments to give about the future of Devil May Cry earlier this year which mostly came down to shaking up the anime-style hack and slash formula the series perfected over the course of its primary run. Its a fair criticism, as Ninja Theory's 2013 reboot of the series was somewhat boring and too easy compared to the earlier games which were much more unique. The anime-style hack and slash subgenre is a pretty popular one these days, thanks in large part to DMC and its spiritual successor Bayonetta.

This time around, Kamiya's got some slightly different advice for Capcom. Remake the first Devil May Cry game. Considering the number of remakes and remasters coming out (and the hybrid games that mix elements of both), and just how positively fans react to those, well. DMC seems ripe for a remake, especially when you consider the sheer amount of outrage most fans had Ninja Theory's DmC.

Now, its worth noting that Kamiya is no longer with Capcom. He's over at PlatinumGames, a studio he co-founded with fellow Capcom alumni Atsushi Inaba and Resident Evil series creator Shinji Mikami. PlatinumGames are the folks responsible for Bayonetta.

Sure, Capcom could hire out the remake to PlatinumGames, but they tend to keep development in-house. Which means its unlikely they'd bring the whole gang back together for a remake the way Square Enix has with their Final Fantasy VII Remake project. That said, SE have opened up spots on the FFVII dev team to increase game quality.

Meanwhile, most DMC fans are waiting on the news of Hideaki Itsuno's new game, thinking it just might be Devil May Cry 5. Which is corroborated by another rumor, but right now is not official.

Ultimately, 2018 is shaping up to be the Year of the Remake with Secret of ManaShadow of the Colossus, and the impending releases of both the Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy VII remakes (which don't have proper release windows but are supposedly coming our way this year), so now is the time to overhaul Devil May Cry from the ground up with a remake.

Because boy does this series need to be rebuilt.

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