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Someone Made A "Super Mario Maker 2" Version of "Downwell"
As crazy as it may seem, there's someone on Super Mario Maker 2 who went to the trouble to make a Downwell level for people to play in the game The video below is kind of self-explanatory, but for the sake of it all, here's some brief info Downwell is a 2015 indie game developed[...]
Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for January 29-February 4, 2019
Check out the entire list below, choose your games wisely, and as always; have fun! credit//Square Enix January 29th Genesis Alpha One (PC, PS4, XB1) Heroes Trials (PS4, Vita) Kingdom Hearts III (PS4, XB1) Mages of Mystralia (Switch) Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (Switch) TrainerVR (PS4) Unworthy (Switch) January 30th Drowning (PS4, Switch, Vita) Goodbye Deponia (PS4) Hyperide (Switch) credit//Chucklefish January 31st Airheart – Tales of Broken Wings (Switch) Bombfest (PC, PS4,[...]