Former DragonCon Co-Owner Ed Kramer Accused of Breaking Probation [Video]

Kramer has not been involved with Dragon*Con or it's descendent DragonCon since 2000.Kramer's latest mug shot:Former DraonCon co-owner and co-founder Ed Kramer is back in the news once again The former pop-culture convention mogul was arrested Tuesday by members of the Lawrenceville [Georgia] Police Department for allegedly photographing a 7-year old child at a[...]

Here's How to Watch the Dragon Con Parade This Morning

Those who attend Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA know that DCTV (Dragon Con TV) is a special kind of magic that no other convention has managed to capture with the same magic. One of the best things about DCTV (aside from the fact that you, from the comfort of your own […]

DC Giant Group Photoshoot at Dragon Con 2017

Dragon Con's Two Biggest Cosplay Photoshoots Called Off By Coordinators

I’m also the founder of the Giant Superhero Photoshoots at DragonCon from way back in 2009, back when we thought 80 people was HUGE!!! (lol)Since that time, these superhero shoots have grown to be, by far, the largest at DragonCon What started off with just me (without a megaphone), eventually turned into behemoths, requiring teams of[...]

Alex Kingston Talks River Song's Plans For Jodie Whittaker's Doctor

Labor Day weekend has come and gone, with it Dragon Con and a panel with Alex Kingston. Whovians know her as River Song, wife of The Doctor, 90's tv fans know her as Dr. Elizabeth Corday from ER, we know her as awesome. The panel went about how most of them do; chatting about the event […]

Dragon Con

Dragon Con Offers Full Streaming Membership For 2017

Members — those purchasing at least a single day DragonCon badge — will be able to subscribe for $10.Convention co-chair Rachel Reeves said of the offering: “This really is a 'best of' Dragon Con opportunity Programming will include conversations with our top guests, a front-row seat to the queen of costume competitions, the Masquerade, and getting[...]

Con Man Alan Tudyk Talks Apps, Leather Dominatrices and DragonCon

Jonathan Rich writes for BleedingCool.comMost sci-fi fans already know Alan Tudyk for his role as Wash on Joss Wheadon’s cult sci-fi western Firefly series -- and its subsequent big-screen treatment as Serenity -- but even more hard core followers of the man who was Hoban Washburne relate to him as the star of his digital[...]

Complex Female Protagonists In Hollywood? 'They're Taking Pitches, Today.'

A discussion at DragonCon enitled Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Comics, consisting of Kelly Sue DeConnick, Laurenn McCubbins, Damien Williams, John Flowers, Tini Howard, Kari Storla, and Daniel Amrhein had many highlights You can read a number of them here.  DeConnick has been having meetings with network executives who are suddenly saying that they’re looking for complex female protagonists, and[...]

Late Night Fun – Cosplaying All The Way

this is a photo that was shared on Twitter from DragonCon by Tally Dueshane The gentleman on the balcony dressed as Commander Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation is playing the trombone For non STTNG fans you'd think the guy was just dedicated to his art and was practicing But in the series Riker[...]

167 Incredible Cosplay Shots From Atlanta's Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con was held in Atlanta, this time 100% free of being owned by convicted paedophiles. The show is famed for its cosplay (as well as some of the late night activities engaged by those in cosplay) and thankfully Bleeding Cool had Paul Drude running around with his camera.  

Could This Be The Longest Cosplay Video Ever?

The folks at Beat Down Boogie shared their Dragon Con video with us. Its almost 40 minutes long which may make it the longest cosplay video ever… [youtube]http://youtu.be/Rpj66oAYzrA[/youtube]

Dragon*Con 2013: Melissa And Matt's Man Of Steel Song Stands For Hope

Bill Meeks, our Senior Dragon*Conrespondent writes; Did you know Dragon*Con has a film festival every year? Well if you followed our coverage from last year and saw this interview and exclusive clip from Director Matt Campagna's short film D.N.E.: Do Not Erase you did. Campagna's new short film Man of Steel Song made it in […]

Mike Grell Home From Hospital And Cancels Dragoncon Appearance

 Since the statement Grell is reported to be home and recovering nicely but has had to cancelled his appearance at Dragoncon at the end of August The rest of his convention schedule remains intact according to his website with a trip to Montreal planed for the middle of September. Speculation and concern ran rampant last week[...]

Nancy A Collins Calls For A Boycott Of Dragon*Con Over Edward Kramer Charges

She knows what people need to do. All you have to do is publicly declare you will never attend DragonCon again as long as Edward Kramer profits from the convention.DragonCon has had over 12 years to sever ties with this man, but has failed to do so Although the convention’s chairman has bought enough shares from[...]

Fan Favourite DC Cosplay Of Dragon*Con

Twelve different DC Comics' blogs have put together a crossover today spotlighting some of the cosplayers at DragonCon 2012 Each blog in this crossover is focusing on their own favorite heroes and corresponding cosplayers Here are a few examples.     You can see more at the websites in question below...Firestorm[...]