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DXRacer Unveils Air Pro Series & 2023 Master Series Gaming Chairs
DXRacer showed off some new models of their gaming chairs this week as they revealed the Air Pro Series and the 2023 Master Series The team specifically wanted to highlight a couple of things that separate these from other editions of both lines, aside from the new selection of colors you can choose from The[...]
Auto Draft
For years, DXRacer has been making its own brand of gaming chairs in various designs and still is the most identifiable brand on the market However, as time has gone on, other brands have come into the marketplace with their own visions and designs, many of whom have improved on things based on gamer feedback[...]
DXRacer Reveals New “Craft Series” Gaming Chair
DXRacer has revealed a brand new chair model today in their gaming chair line with the brand new "Craft Series" designs This is basically the chair for those looking to customize what they have at home to their very best with a nearly endless design and color options You'll be able to use any image[...]
GIveaway: "MapleStory" Themed DXRacer Gaming Chair
Would you like to win a MapleStory themed DXRacer gaming chair? All you need is a Twitter account and you could score this cool chair DXRacer has provided us a chance to give away a version of the chair you see below, in all of its pink, purple, and white glory What do you need[...]