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Monolith: A Graphic Novel Kickstarter from Magnetic Press
MONOLITH is a visually stunning suspense thriller illustrated by visionary artist and designer LRNZ (Golem, Viewpoint, Astrogamma) and written by ROBERTO RECCHIONI (Orphans, Dylan Dog) Publisher Magnetic Press, which has produced several highly successful Kickstarters in 2020, is giving readers an opportunity to get an exclusive print of this cinematic, psychological thriller for pre-registering before the kickstart launch date, Tuesday, February[...]
Dylan Dog/Batman #0 Gets a Wide Release With Added Stories Ahead Of 2020 Series
Bleeding Cool recently reported on the release of Dylan Dog/Batman #0 by Sergio Bonelli Editore at LUCCA, Dangerous Relationships, written by Roberto Recchioni and drawn by Gigi Cavenago and Werther Dell'Edera The comic book will now be widely released on Italian newsstands on December 19th, but in a different edition from Lucca. It has, besides the #0 story, a recent, shorter,[...]
Our First Look Inside the Pages of Batman/Dylan Dog #0 at LUCCA Comics And Games
Courtesy of our good friend Guido Sardella who attended Lucca Comics And Games in Italy, we have a look inside the pages of the Batman/Dylan Dog #0 crosoverthat is being sold exclusively at the show  at the Sergio Bonelli Editore stand in Italy, right now, ahead of publishing the full series in 2020. Dylan Dog &[...]
Batman & Dylan Dog #0 to be Published in Italy at the End of the Month
At the big Italian comic book convention Lucca Comics & Games last year, DC Comics and Sergio Bonelli Editori announced a series of upcoming crossover projects between the American and Italian comic book publishers. Today we have the confirmation of the first one, Dylan Dog & Batman, which will also feature villains Xabaras and Il Joker,[...]
Is a Dylan Dog/Hellblazer Crossover In The Works From Roberto Recchioni?
Solicitations for 2019 are running out… Today Roberto Recchioni, the editor of horror private investigator Dylan Dog, reported on Facebook that he is writing John Constantine And there has been some suggestion that we might get a Dylan Dog/John Constantine The two titles have a certain simpatico Dylan Dog is an Italian horror comics series featuring[...]
Dylan Dog Returns To English Language In 2016
As announced on Facebook today, Epicenter Comics are returning one of the world's favourite comic books back to English language translations. Bleeding Cook's Pedro Bouca gives us an excellent Dylan Dog 101. Well, Dylan Dog is the most important Italian comic character of the last thirty years or so Created by the brilliant writer Tiziano Sclavi, then[...]
Dylan Dog – The Most Published Comic Book Character Today?
Dimeweb has done a fine job at number crunching the publisher's output in 2014. They produced 21493 new pages of content this year over 182 books – the equivalent of a thousand US-sized comic books, which is around – or just ahead of – Marvel and DC Comics. But over ten percent of that – 2500 pages of new[...]
An Italian Revolution Supported By… Superman, Wolverine And Peppa Pig?
And not a trip to the copyright lawyer. Hence why publisher Sergio Bonelli Editore has warned Ingroia to use Dylan Dog, Tex or other characters as the face of the party, saying they were "not in any way affiliated or support any political party." Here's a few of the ones doing the circuit, and kicking off a[...]
Dan Forcey Leaves Platinum Studios
With Cowboys And Aliens getting closer to a release date, Platinum Studios is losing one of their most visible faces. Dan Forcey, VP of Content Development sent out a mass email saying After 9 years of learning a lot and meeting some amazing people, as of today I will no longer be working at Platinum Studios.  I[...]