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MCM, LFCC, Bristol, The Lakes & Thought Bubble Comic Cons In 2022
Guests Confirmed: Howard Chaykin, Brian Stelfreeze, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Elena Casagrande, Sean Phillips, Jock, Jorge Fornes, Carlos Pacheco, Martin Simmonds, Rob Williams, Laurence Campbell, Cavan Scott, Lysa Hawkins Saturday £18.50 Sunday £16.50 Early Bird Weekend £22.50 VIP £55 Student Saturday £12.50  Student Sunday price: £10 Family Ticket Saturday £40 Family Ticket Sunday £40 Family Ticket Weekend £50 The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, to[...]
John Cassaday, Pepe Larraz, Peach Momoko Recreate Captain America
Martinez, Elena Casagrande, Paco Medina, Daniel Acuña, Chris Samnee, Butch Guice, Rachael Stott, Pepe Larraz, Greg Smallwood, Greg Land, Ray-Anthony Height, Mark Bagley, and Marvel's Stormbreakers including Peach Momoko, Juann Cabal, Carmen Carnero, R.B Silva, Joshua Cassara, Natacha Bustos, Iban Coello, and Patrick Gleason. "We packed this book full of top-flight artistic talent, all paying tribute[...]
Stillwater #2 Review:
The first issue of the new Black Widow run by Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande was a good start, but it left the distinct impression that the next chapters would be even better once the story got rolling Now that Black Widow #2 is out, did the creative team follow through? Black Widow #2 cover[...]
Black Widow #2 Will Change Natasha Forever Says Kelly Thompson
With her new run on Black Widow with Elena Casagrande, Thompson made it clear with the daring first issue that this relaunch will show Natasha in a situation in which readers have never seen her It seems that, with the second issue, something even more life-changing will happen to Black Widow. Black Widow #2 Will Change Natasha Forever[...]
Kelly Thompson Talks "Bold New Vision" for Upcoming Black Widow Run
Writer Kelly Thompson, currently killing it on Deadpool, will team up with Elena Casagrande on this new run that's just in time for the release of the long-anticipated, delayed debut of the Black Widow movie, pending… you know, catastrophe Casagrande has made a name for herself on DC titles such as Batgirl, Catwoman, and Vigilante: Southland[...]
Batgirl Annual #2 cover by Emanuela Lupacchino and Dave Stewart
The dialogue holds steady for much of the book, though it stretches to make a metaphor about stars and darkness that becomes exceedingly forced by the end of the comic. Beyond that, it's a good story that brings Barbara back to the family history she'd rather forget. Batgirl Annual #2 art by Elena Casagrande and Jordie Bellaire Elena[...]
Batgirl Ditches Burnside Costume for Updated Classic Look by Sean Gordon Murphy
It helps us with the story a little bit too, because it's a little less bright — we wanted her to be more stealthy, and we want her to be able to integrate some more tech with the belt. Scott is joined by artists Paul Pelletier and Elena Casagrande on interiors and Murphy on covers in August's Batgirl #26,[...]
X-Files Case Files: Florida Man #2 cover by Catherine Nodet
It's like the comic suddenly realized it has a lot to wrap up and raced towards a conclusion. Also, it loses points for using the threat of sexual assault of a woman to build tension. X-Files Case Files: Florida Man #2 art by Elena Casagrande, Silvia Califano, and Arianna Florean Elena Casagrande's artwork is once more very good,[...]
X-Files Case Files: Florida Man #1 cover Catherine Nodet
There's never a moment where Fox Mulder explains that it's just one "Florida Man." The comic just assumes that it's always been one guy. X-Files Case Files: Florida Man #1 art by Elena Casagrande, Silvia Califano, and Arianna Florean Elena Casagrande's artwork looks great, capturing the likeness of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson with ease and minimal[...]
Nick Abadzis Talks The Tenth Doctor And Gabriella Gonzalez
But he is very, very cautious about travelling with anyone again; he doesn't want anyone to get hurt because of him. BC: Elena Casagrande does a beautiful job with the artwork on the book What was the working relationship between the two of you? Was there a lot of communication back and forth? NA: Yeah, Elena's amazing[...]
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #2 Reminds Us To Be Both Smart And Imaginative
Imagine not being able to look at your family and friends because they've taken on the aspect of your worst fears—that's a little more of a stretch but certainly works on a metaphorical level. It's obvious by now that I'm investing a lot of seriousness in this comic issue, and it is there underlining the plot,[...]