Black Widow #2 Will Change Natasha Forever Says Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson is taking Black Widow out of the Red Room. With her new run on Black Widow with Elena Casagrande, Thompson made it clear with the daring first issue that this relaunch will show Natasha in a situation in which readers have never seen her. It seems that, with the second issue, something even more life-changing will happen to Black Widow.

Black Widow #2 Will Change Natasha Forever Says Kelly Thompson. Credit: Marvel Comics
Black Widow #2 Will Change Natasha Forever Says Kelly Thompson. Credit: Marvel Comics

In a recent Marvel update, Kelly Thompson spoke on her motivation behind Black Widow's memory loss in her run:

"I was very interested in getting away from the Red Room stories. I love Red Room stories, but we've just seen so many at this point, I was ready for us to carve a new path. That said, in order for it to feel like a Black Widow story, you still want to draw in familiar elements. So it's a bit of old, a bit of new, hopefully blended into something exciting and emotional for both Natasha and the readers."

Thompson went on to cite inspiration for her take on Natashashouting out recent runs by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, as well as Marjorie Liu and Daniel Acuna. She reiterated, though, that her intention was to create an entirely new type of Black Widow story for Natasha with this relaunch.

Thompson then spoke on the future of her run, saying:

"There's a huge thing in issue #2, but I really don't want to spoil it. I ache for people to get that organic page turn and – if we did our job right – a gasp. I'll protect that experience as much as I can. I think the best I can offer is a vague – but not hyperbolic – 'this story will change Natasha forever' comment."

Black Widow #2 will be on shelves October 7th for those curious what could be more life-altering for a superhero than leaving behind her mantle due to a case of amnesia.

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