"Emergence": Check Out Opening 9 Minutes of Allison Tolman's ABC Drama-Thriller [VIDEO]

With a little less than a month to go before ABC's upcoming drama-thriller Emergence comes crash-landing onto our television screens (Tuesday, September 24), the network is giving viewers a chance to check out the first nine minutes of the Allison Tolman-starrer.Though maybe "crash landing" isn't the most tasteful turn-of-phrase to use considering what you're about[...]

ABC Thrills with 'Emergence' Series Trailer

ABC Thrills with 'Emergence' Series Trailer

Emergence has had an interesting, and somewhat twisty, road for a new series.[caption id="attachment_1032590" align="aligncenter" width="600"] EMERGENCE - "Pilot " - (ABC Studios/Virginia Sherwood)ALLISON TOLMAN, ALEXA SWINTON[/caption]Originally ordered to pilot by NBC, Emergence has found a new home with Disney-owned ABC, which picked up the series after NBC declined to greenlight the project.Emergence features Allison[...]