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Giveaway: Win A Free Copy Of F9: The Director's Cut
Would you like to win a 4K copy of the film F9: The Director's Cut from Universal Pictures? All you need is a Twitter account Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has provided us a chance to give away a couple of copies of the film as it will be released on September 21st, so if you're[...]
We already knew that Fast 10 and Fast 11 were on the way, but the pandemic impacted this series just as much as it impacted others. F9 was delayed a full year thanks to COVID-19, but it seemed to do pretty well, all things considered This series and the various Jurassic movies have been paying Universal's bills for[...]
Director Justin Lin recently spoke to Empire, and he talked about how the inspiration for one of the set pieces in F9 came from the most unlikely place; his son. "We decided we were going to do magnets and everything [in Fast 9], and it was exciting – we were coming up with these set-pieces and stuff," Lin recalled[...]
New F9 Trailer Teases the Importance of FAMILY & Insane Action Scenes
The FAMILY of F9 has turned up in yet another new trailer and poster ahead of its June 25th release date. F9 was one of the smart movies that delayed a full year instead of several months due to COVID-19 and then made the even smarter decision to push back another month into June when most of[...]
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal has made the decision to delay F9 yet again, but this time only a month from May 28th to June 25th They also announced that the Minions sequel, Minions: The Rise of Gru, has vacated July 2nd to July 1st, 2022. (from left) Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Dom (Vin Diesel) in[...]
Universal Shares a New TV Spot and Images for F9
Universal Pictures has decided it's time to start marketing the next entry in the Fast Saga, F9 The movie was delayed a full year back in 2020 in a move that initially looked like an overreaction and now seems more like Universal knew something about the state of the pandemic that the rest of us[...]
"F9": Vin Diesel Teases "a Big Surprise" That "Is so Awesome"
The nice thing about a movie like F9 is that everyone knows what they are getting from this movie It's the 9th Fast and Furious movie, and they just keep getting more ridiculous, so spoiling a lot in the trailer seems kind of pointless However, the first trailer for F9 seemed like it gave away a[...]
"F9": Vin Diesel Teases "a Big Surprise" That "Is so Awesome"
One of the big movies that are going to be part of that deal later this year is F9 Star Vin Diesel recently told Total Film that he remains committed to the theatrical experience. "I'm so committed to the theatrical experience," Diesel said "Obviously, I've dedicated my life to [the cinema] It's a wonderful feeling to know[...]
"F9": Vin Diesel Teases "a Big Surprise" That "Is so Awesome"
When Universal Pictures came out and decided to delay the release of the scheduled for May release of F9, no one was surprised However, what did surprise people was the decision to delay the movie a full year to April 2021 At the time, it seemed like Universal was overreacting as everyone thought things would[...]
"F9": Vin Diesel Teases "a Big Surprise" That "Is so Awesome"
According to Deadline, the Fast and Furious movies will now end on movie eleven, and it will be a story spread out over movies 10 and 11 and Justin Lin will be back to direct these final two movies. The official poster for F9 Credit: Universal Pictures The idea of doing the part one and part two[...]
"F9": Vin Diesel Teases "a Big Surprise" That "Is so Awesome"
So No Time To Die has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to breaking even and splitting the market between them, and F9 was just asking for everyone to fail in the end. F9 was one of the first major blockbusters to get delayed a year during COVID-19 and has kept its April 2021 release[...]
"F9": Vin Diesel Teases "a Big Surprise" That "Is so Awesome"
After star Vin Diesel said that Bloodshot and F9  would release this year but life is coming at all of fast. No Time To Die was the first time to delay because of coronavirus but things are developing and they are developing fast. F9 is the next in a series of high profile movies that has decided to delay their[...]
"F9": Vin Diesel Teases "a Big Surprise" That "Is so Awesome"
When the trailer for F9 revealed that they were bringing back Sung Kang as Han the internet collectively exploded The character has been assumed dead for several movies in the Fast and Furious franchise and everyone thought we had seen the last of him It turns out that very much isn't the case and the reveal that[...]
Vin Diesel Joins James Cameron in 'Avatar 2', Possibly 3-5
The actor spoke to USA Today about the status of Bloodshot and F9. Vin DieselPhoto by Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com "Let me put it to you this way: 'Bloodshot' at the end of the day is a soldier And a soldier doesn't decide or pick when or where he's deployed We're going to go in" Sony Pictures Taking a Stand[...]