The Future Of The Justice League And The Darkseid War Laid Bare – FCBD Spoilers

So we know what happens to Batman.

We know what happens to Superman.

We know what was happening when Wonder Woman was born.

And it's from that vantage point that a seer was able to see… what is to come. Here is your future, Justice League fans…


So… is Hal Jordan  Green Lantern a killer again?


Batman, and not the Comissioner Gordon Batman, is a New God? Look at those energy loops.


Lex Luthor is still on the Justice League? And why doesn't Lex just call him Clark?


Aquaman? Drown That's kray kray…


They look so sweet together, how can they die?


I hope he's not talking about the plot.



That's right folks, it's a proper, honest-to-goodness Wonder Woman centric story in the Justice League. Well, you have waited some time…

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