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MLB Perfect Inning 21
GAMEVIL and Com2uS have released a new update today for MLB Perfect Inning 21 as they take the game into the Postseason This major update for the game expands into the postseason with the rest of the real MLB, as you can now take your team to the World Series and become the MVP of[...]
Sweet Home Webtoon Crosses Over with Heir of Light Mobile Game
GAMEVIL announced today that Heir Of Light's upcoming update will feature a special collaboration event with the popular Naver webtoon, Sweet Home, which was recently adapted into a live-action Netflix TV series Heir of Light is a collection-type RPG with a dark fantasy twist that invites players into a unique and antique-like world With steady[...]
Summoners War: Lost Centuria Receives A Global Release Date
Developed by GAMEVIL, this latest title in the franchise's pantheon will feature new and familiar monsters as well as an all-new battle system for you to check out This will be a card-based, real-time system that will reward smart team composition Along with strategic play and proper timing, as those who can mix all three[...]
MLB Kickoff is A Week Away, New GAMEVIL & Com2uS Games Coming
Why is Opening Day not a national holiday? Anyway, to help celebrate, GAMEVIL and Com2uS have announced their plans for their new MLB games for this year, with the officially licensed games coming to PC and mobile throughout the next week, starting with today's release of Out of the Park baseball 22 for its 22nd[...]
A big day for mobile releases as Gamevil has launched a brand new NBA title onto iOS and Android as fans can play NBA Now today The game puts you in the role of General Manager of one of the NBA teams, giving you the chance to customize your roster and take them to a[...]
Today GAMEVIL revealed their brand new mobile 20v20 MMO coming to iOS and Android this month called Talion The game is set to be released on Tuesday, May 28th at 9am PDT featuring 40 player battles across a massive world, totally free to download and play in North America, Europe, and Australia You can pre-register[...]