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Turtle Beach Unveils Its First Mobile Gaming Controller
Turtle Beach unveiled a brand new product for mobile gamers as they're making their first mobile gaming controller with the Recon Cloud This was made by the same team who worked on items such as the Recon Controller, REACT-R Controller, and VelocityOne Flight, as you are being given what looks and feels like an Xbox[...]
HexGaming Launches New Line Of Ultimate Xbox Controllers
HexGaming revealed a new line of gaming controllers this week for Xbox as they will now be selling Ultimate Xbox Controllers Technically they will be releasing two different sets in the same line as they have the Ultra X and Ultra One controllers for you to choose from Depending on which one you're looking at,[...]
HyperX Reveals New Clutch Wireless Gaming Controller
HyperX has a brand new controller on the market for those playing mobile titles as they released the Clutch Wireless Gaming Controller This version of the controller is basically a top-to-bottom improvement over previous models as it has your standard controller layout paired with a slightly changed ergonomic design to provide better comfort Which is[...]
Images Of The New Google Gaming Console Controller Surface
Twitter has become abuzz this afternoon as images of the gaming controller for the new Google gaming console have emerged Ahead of GDC 2019, a website called Yanko Design showed off the first images of the controller for what's being called Project Stream, displaying a white controller with what appears to be a mix of Xbox[...]