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Kevin Smith Launches Golden Apple Comic & Art Foundation
The Liebowitz Family, owners of the Los Angeles comic shop Golden Apple Comics for over four decades have just formed a new charitable organization, the Golden Apple Comic & Art Foundation is to preserve, safeguard and showcase private collections to ensure that comics, books, art and collectibles are secured for future generations to enjoy Alongside[...]
Golden Apple Comics of Los Angeles is one of many comic stores making their way during shutdown As well as website store orders and eBay listings they also have mystery boxes. "I have a store full of great reads and we are hand packing a USPS medium flat rate box for you and shipping it to[...]
Things To Do In L.A. Wednesday If You Like Comics
Are you looking for something comic related to do tomorrow? Head over to Golden Apple, one of the most well-known comic stores in the country, for the Guns A Blazin'! tour The series by Mike Wellman and Rafael Navarro will have its third issue out and ready to be signed Also at the event will[...]
Three Ways To Afford DC Comics' Convergence (UPDATE)
$79.60 a month, so that's a total of $159.40 and you'll have to buy Convergence separately at a lesser discount. But Golden Apple in LA seem to have done their maths wrong, saying the complete series would cost $250, but they'll sell it for $150, including the weekly series, which is a real bargain, and they say the first[...]
FCBD Los Angeles – A New Editor And Publisher's Take
Free Comic Book Day promotes literacy, puts comics in the hands of new & returning fans, and many stores will have comic book professionals at theirs locations to sign & sketch. If you're in Los Angeles there are plenty of great places to visit; The Comic Bug, Geoffrey's Comics, Meltdown Comics, Emerald Knights, Hi-De-Ho Comics, Cool Cats, and of course, the[...]
How Amazon Buying ComiXology Could Be A New Revenue Stream For Comic Stores
Last week, we heard from retailer Dennis L Barger prophesising doom and gloom over Amazon buying ComiXology (as well as all those print pull list customer details that ComiXology has been harvesting all these years.) But not everyone is so much of a Negative Nancy. Ryan Liebowitz of Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles has a very[...]
When Free Comic Book Day Attracted The Wrong Element…
[youtube][/youtube] On Free Comic Book Day, Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles had a number of special visitors, Geoff Johns, Christos Gage, co-creator of the Ugly Dolls David Horvath, Max Bemis, Scott Shaw and more. And a hit-and-run suspect, jumping from a Jeep, pursued by two cop cars, trying to make her way into the store as[...]
The Man Who Stole Spider-Man #700. And The Man Who Stopped Him.
He also works at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles. Two days ago a customer tried to buy a large amount of Amazing Spider-Man #700 and variants When told that there was a limit per customer, he became argumentative and  Donnelly escorted the man from the store He tells me; I had to escort him out of[...]
Buy Los Angeles' Golden Apple Comic Store For $679,000. Now.
Around this time of year, a number of comic stores run special sales. But few actually try and sell themselves. But that's what's happening to the famous Golden Apple comic store in Los Angeles, who have put themselves on eBay for a Buy It Now price of $679,000, including a stockworth over $300,000. The store was opened in[...]
Dwayne McDuffie Tribute At Golden Apple Tonight
Dwayne McDuffie was intending to appear at the launch of the website tonight from Reginald Hudlin at the Golden Apple comic store in LA, alongside McDuffie's creative partner Denys Cowan, Mike Benson, Adam Glass, Ziggy Marley, Rashida Jones and more. The event is still going ahead from 6pm PT, but at 8pm they will host[...]
Another Glass Of Spawn Merlot, Anyone?
From the Golden Apple signing for the release of Spawn #200 yesterday Wonderfully aged, don't you think? Photo by Stephen Christy. From the Golden Apple signing for the release of Spawn #200 yesterday Wonderfully aged, don't you think? Photo by Stephen Christy. From the Golden Apple signing for the release of Spawn #200 yesterday Wonderfully aged, don't[...]