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Team17 To Release Dark Fantasy Strategy Title Gord
Team17 and developer Covenant.dev released a brand new video for Gord as they showed off more of the gameplay to come This video gives you a good 16 minutes worth of footage led by game director Stan Just, as you are thrown into this world of strategy and city building, all within a horrifying backdrop[...]
Team17 To Release Dark Fantasy Strategy Title Gord
Team17 announced today that they have signed on to publish the upcoming dark fantasy strategy game Gord, set for sometime in 2022 This game has had our eye for a minute because of the way it's been developed, as it's being handled by Covenant.dev, which is a 24-person creative development house in Poland The company[...]
Poland-Based Studio Covenant Announces Their First Game Gord
A brand new Poland-based indie studio called Covenant has announced their first official game will be called Gord The team behind the studio is made up of former developers from CD Projekt Red and 11 Bit Studios who have taken their combined knowledge and turned it toward making this new fantasy adventure-strategy title The grim[...]