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The Crow Crosses Over with Hack/Slash at IDW

The deluge of announcements coming out of C2E2 hasn't begun yet, but some publishers have been giving us a little tease today, perhaps hoping to take advantage of the calm before the storm to snag some prime click real estate. IDW has announced a new crossover between The Crow and Hack/Slash, kicking off in June […]

Tim Seeley Talks About His History With Ash And The Army Of Darkness

With the recent start of the Starz series Ash Vs Evil Dead and the current Army of Darkness Humble Bundle going on, Dynamite has been talking to some of their previous writers of the character and sharing those interviews with us. Here they talk to Tim Seeley about his time with Ash Williams. Dynamite: Tim, […]

Tim Seeley Looks Back On The End Of Hack/Slash

For almost a decade comic fans have been treated to the continuing adventures of Cassie Hack and her slasher friend Vlad as they ran rampant through every horror trope and b-movie cliché you could find. Well now Hack/Slash, created by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli, has come to an end and I had a chance […]

Swipe File: Hack/Slash/Voodoo

On the left, Voodoo #1 from DC Comics (2011). On the right, Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #1 from Image (2010). Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley lines them up. And also shares the good news "With this check I have just written, we have paid of all the old Devil's Due Productions Hack/Slash debt! We are out […]

Hack/Slash Trending Upwards

Tom Brevoort put it well the other day. "To be honest – and I've done this a long time and have seen a lot of books come and go – if a book doesn't come out of the gate with a certain amount of "audience velocity", the odds that it will start to find that […]