Daredevil #606 cover by Phil Noto

Daredevil #606 Review: A Solid Comic Built on a Shaky Premise

Hammerhead attempts to rob a bank in midtown, and Daredevil arrives to stop it. As it turns out, Hammerhead's men are armed with nail guns. Things seemed to be on their way to wrapping up when Hammerhead's men take hostages from the on-lookers of the battle. Matt must save them. The story then jumps back, […]

Super7 SDCC Collage

Super7 Brings Planet of the Apes, Transformers, Alien Exclusives to SDCC

Super7 is going to rule SDCC this year. Not only have they already announced possibly the must-have collectible for the con, but they also will have even more available at their booth. Are you a fan of their ReAction figures? Who am I kidding — we all are. Check out their Star Wars Kenner Hammerhead […]

Daredevil #603 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Marte Gracia

Daredevil #603 Review: Slower but Still Full of Personality

Daredevil finds Elektra attempting to leave New York, and the two are ambushed by the Hand. After the ninjas mysteriously withdraw, Matt convinces Elektra to stay in the city and join his fight against the Hand. After returning to city hall, Matt throws an even crazier idea at Foggy, and it involves the crime lords […]

Daredevil #600 cover by Dan Mora and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Daredevil #600 Review: A Climactic Twist to 'Mayor Fisk'

Daredevil and his allies assemble to spy on Mayor Fisk's criminal allies in the hopes of gaining enough information to depose the Kingpin. Things don't go quite as planned, and Daredevil leaves to confront Wilson Fisk once again. Elsewhere, Blindspot's battle with Muse is complicated by Sam's connection with the Hand returning to haunt him. […]

Defenders #10 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor

Defenders #10 Review: A Heartfelt Farewell from Bendis

The Hood meets up with the former Kingpin and current Mayor of New York City, Wilson Fisk, on how to best be a Kingpin of Crime. The Defenders deal with the idea of being local heroes. Black Cat appears to be turning over a new leaf as she tries to help Misty Knight and the […]

Defenders #9 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor

Defenders #9 Review: The Exciting Peak of an Already Great Series

Jessica Jones pleads with Misty Knight to allow her to see the Punisher for information. After some convincing, Jess gets some face-time with Frank Castle. Later, the Defenders get the drop on Diamondback. All seems to be going smoothly until back-up in the form of Fixer, Moonstone, and Titania arrives. From here, it becomes a […]

Venom #160 cover by Gerardo Sandoval and David Curiel

Venom #160 Review: Dumb but Fun Symbiote Extravaganza

Venom, Anti-Venom, Mania, Black Cat, and the Amazing Spider-Man are gearing up for an assault on the meeting place of the Five Families, which has just been taken over by Lee Price, aka Maniac, and his symbiote-infested hordes. It's up to these five to free the victims and bring Maniac down. You know what? If […]

Top Marvel Comics of 2017 #1: Defenders #7 by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez

This is it, the big one for Marvel this year: Defenders #7 by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez. This is the most engaging, exciting, entertaining, and artistically brilliant comic to come out of the House of Ideas this year. While the inception of this book was all-but certainly the accompanying Netflix series, this book turned out to be a […]

Defenders #8 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor

Defenders #8 Review: The War of Kingpins

Fixer, Moonstone, and Titania are trying to figure out what their next move is as members of the superhuman underworld with the war to take the Kingpin's seat raging across New York City. As if summoned by his name, Diamondback shows up with an offer for the three rogues. Meanwhile, the Punisher is behind bars […]

Spider-Man #18 Review: An Emotionally Vulnerable Miles Morales

Reeling from a battle with Hammerhead, Spider-Man is in big trouble! This means his old X-Men friend, Goldballs, must come to his rescue. Miles manages to escape, but he finds his mom back at his home. They have to connect on the Spider-Man issue, and Miles Morales has to come to terms with the fact […]

Exclusive First Chapter Of James Bond: Hammerhead

I've been enjoying Dynamite's take on James Bond with the various creative teams. Each writer/artist change feels similar to when Bond would change actors in the film series. Timothy Dalton was very different from Pierce Brosnan, but both were James Bond, just with some subtle differences. Going from Warren Ellis to Andy Diggle was the same […]

Exclusive Extended Previews – James Bond: Hammerhead #5 And KISS #5

This weeks exclusive extended previews from Dynamite focus on pop culture icons with James Bond: Hammerhead #5 by Andy Diggle and Luca Casalanguida and KISS #5 by Amy Chu and Kewber Baal. James Bond: Hammerhead #5 writer: Andy Diggle artist: Luca Casalanguida cover: Francesco Francavilla Kraken's trap is sprung—and M and Moneypenny are caught in […]

Exclusive Extended Previews Of James Bond: Hammerhead #4 And KISS #4

Dynamite has sent over two exclusive extended previews for James Bond: Hammerhead #4 by Andy Diggle and Luca Casalanguida and KISS #4 by Amy Chu and Kewbar Baal. James Bond: Hammerhead #4 writer: Andy Diggle artist: Luca Casalanguida cover: Francesco Francavilla Bond finds himself at the mercy of Malfakhar, a Yemeni smuggler and black marketeer. […]

Exclusive Extended Previews For James Bond: Hammerhead #1 And Grimm Vol 2 #2

Here we have two exclusive extended previews from books shipping from Dynamite Entertainment tomorrow. Grimm Vol 2 #2 by Caitlin Kittredge and Maria Sanapo and then James Bond: Hammerhead #1 by Andy Diggle and Luca Casalanguida. Also shipping from Dynamite this week: Lone Ranger / Green Hornet #4, Control #5, Bob's Burgers #16, and the […]

Big Names Come Out To Support Diggle And Casalanguida's James Bond

Last week I reviewed the next James Bond story arc with the new creative team of Andy Diggle and Luca Casalanguida, and I liked it a lot. Dynamite is doing great work on the OO7 license and there is no slip here from Warren Ellis and Jason Masters run. This weekend, Dynamite sent over these […]

Advanced Review: James Bond: Hammerhead #1

You could probably figure it our from back when I was reviewing the first series of James Bond comics from Dynamite that I'm a James Bond fan. Books, movies and comics… I think he's a great character and when done right, maybe one of the best. When done wrong… its usually very wrong. The character […]

Andy Diggle Takes On James Bond: Hammerhead At San Diego

Andy Diggle, the writer who defined Green Arrow's origins, swung through Hell's Kitchen with Daredevil and co-created The Losers has now turned his sights to Britain's top secret agent, OO7. Diggle and artist Luca Casalanguida will be the next creative team on Dynamite's new James Bond comic series. Picking up after Warren Ellis / Jason […]