Arrow Season 6

Arrow Season 6: Alena From Helix Returns, And She Needs Felicity

Tonight's new episode of Arrow features more of the Black Siren, AKA Laurel Lance of Earth-2, and it's the first chance for the new Green Arrow to face off against her. But judging from the images released and the clips below, she is only part of the threat the team must face — Felicity Smoak […]


Arrow Season 6: What Producers Are Looking For In A Big Bad

We've seen a casting call that, if true, gives us an idea of who the villain (or villains) of Arrow Season 6 is going to be. Hopefully we'll get official confirmation of that tomorrow during the Arrow panel at San Diego Comic-Con. But until then, executive producer Wendy Mericle told TVLine what they are looking for: […]

Will We See Helix Again In Arrow Season 6?

With the season finale of Arrow, there were a lot of unanswered questions like… who the heck is still alive beside Oliver and William? But that is only part of the unanswered question. There is also the one involving Vigilante and who he is if he's not Adrian Chase. And then there's also the matter […]

Check Out The New Character Trailer For Nintendo's 'ARMS'

If you've ever wondered what a container of Nickelodeon's GAK would look like if it came to life and wanted to box, well then, have we got a treat for you. In what looks like a creature spliced together from equal parts DNA of GAK, Gumby, TMNT ooze, and "flubber,' we have a character called […]

Can Oliver Save Felicity From Herself? Arrow Returns Strong

This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode – Dangerous Liaisons. . . . . . In Dangerous Liaisons, Felicity's actions with Helix come to a head. Her obsession with bringing down Adrian Chase… which may stem from a desire to save Oliver as much as a desire for revenge for Billy… has put her […]

Prometheus Is On The Run As Arrow Returns – Live Blog

Arrow returns tonight for the first of the seasons five finale episodes. The season built up on finding out who was Prometheus… and now that Oliver Queen and everyone else knows, it doesn't seem to slow him down at all. Plus, after five years, the flashback story will be wrapped up with the finale on […]

Felicity's New Path May Bring Her Closer To Oliver… In A Way

If you've been following the current storylines on Arrow, then you'd know what Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) is getting herself into. She has already used the information that she was given by Helix to get John Diggle (David Ramsey) out of prison, blackmail a Russian for information and a few other things… but now […]

Green Arrow Is Losing A Game He Didn't Know He Was Playing

This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode – Checkmate. . . . . . The latest episode of Arrow came down to two basic storylines and four actors. Stephen Amell playing off Josh Segarra and Kacey Rohl manipulating Emily Bett Rickards. Sure it had a lot of other things like Curtis using his balls […]

Is The Fight Against Prometheus Already Over On Arrow?

The title of tonight's Arrow is Checkmate and executive producer Wendy Mericle tells us that Prometheus has out maneuvered both Oliver Queen and Green Arrow. Meanwhile Felicity Smoak is going to go deeper into Helix because of what's happening. But are the producers telling us that Oliver has already lost? Checkmate is game over… it's […]

Oliver Queen Has A Little Birdhouse In His Soul

This articles contains spoilers for the Arrow episode – Second Chances. . . . . . Funny how two people can view the same thing and have two very different reactions. I finished watching Arrow last night, returned to my desk and found one of my collaborators having said, "Worst episode of Arrow in a […]

Are We Ready For Plenty Of Sci-Fi And Pirates in 2014?

By Kevin Fischer, You know the drill: a new year means new beginnings…especially when it comes to television and movies. With 2013, we said goodbye to a killer killing killers, a chemistry teacher cooking meth, and alternate realities. This year seems to be shaping up into something equally spectacular with just a few examples listed […]

The Signs Of San Diego – Winter Soldier, Helix, And Syfy's Cafe Defiance

Chris Thompson writes; San Diego is a hive of activity as it prepares itself once again for the oncoming storm that is Comic-Con International. Now in its 44th year, CCI or SDCC (depending on your preferred acronym) is a juggernaut that brings together the world of comics and Hollywood for four short days each July. […]