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Insanely, Nightwing #70 Hits $50 on eBay – Are We Going to Do This Again?

Yesterday. Bleeding Cool broke the news that Batman #89 and Hell Arisen #3 were getting third printings – we have the artwork below now. But we also pointed out that Nightwing #90 was also getting a second printing ahead of going on sale this coming Wednesday, and that this was rare for DC Comics –  […]

Where In The World Are Monsieur Mallah And The Brain? (Spoilers)

Monsieur Mallah is a superintelligent anthropomorphic gorilla supervillain, and loyal servant to the Brain. Created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani, they first appeared in Doom Patrol #86 in 1964, As a scientist, the man who would one day become known as the Brain performed experiments on animals to raise their intelligence. One of these […]

Don't Pay $15 For Batman #94

Don't Pay $15 For Batman #94

As everyone realises that The Joker's new girlfriend Punchline is hardly in Batman #89, and speculator attention shifts to Hell Arisen #3 (currently having sold copies on eBay for $40 each), her first cover appearance will be on Batman #94, out in May. And some people have been happy to pay $15 plus shipping for […]

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Advance Sales of Batman #89 for $45 and Hell Arisen #3 For $28

Okay, so. The next two weeks are going to be insane in comic book stores. That's when Batman #89 goes on sale featuring the first appearance of the Joker's new girlfriend, Punchline, followed by Year Of The Villain: Hell Arisen #3 the week after, This was first mentioned in Batman writer James Tynion IV's newsletter. But […]

Apex Lex vs The Batman Who Laughs For DC's Year Of The Villain: Hell Arisen

DC Comics PR has given their media partner ScreenRant the word that DC Comics don't have quite enough money right now. Hence why we are getting an Apex Lex vs The Batman Who Laughs thing. And having writer James Tynion IV talk about what his plans with Scott Snyder and Josh Williamson have been. One […]