Exclusive First Look at Pink Lemonade #1 Covers, Debuting Now at HeroesCon

Exclusive First Look at Pink Lemonade #1 Covers, at HeroesCon Now

It's Alive has sent Bleeding Cool an EX-X-XCLUSIVE first look at the two covers to Pink Lemonade #1, the new comic by Nick Cagnetti debuting this weekend at HeroesCon In addition to a regular cover by Cagnetti, there's also a variant by Jim Rugg (Street Angel) If you're at the show at the Charlotte Convention[...]

Bitch Planet Athletic Wear Now Available In Sizes 3XS To 6XL

Jonathan Rich writes for BleedingCool. Announced at the Milkfed panel at HeroesCon, Frogmouth has licensed Bitch Planet for athletic wear, available in sizes from 3XS to 6XL, right now, based on the comic by Kelly Sue DeConnick and  from Image Comics.“We found a love connection in terms of getting the full-size spectrum of Bitch Planet merchandise,” DeConnick said during Saturday’s panel[...]

Kelly Sue DeConnick, Writing For Wizard Of Oz NBC TV Show, Emerald City

Jonathan Rich writes,Comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick had a TV announcement to make at HeroesCon, that she has worked on episodes of Emerald City, the upcoming fall NBC show based on Wizard Of Oz.“I got to write for Vincent D’Onofrio,” she excitedly told the crowd, revealing the actor’s character will be of that universe’s version of[...]

Bitch Planet Short Stories Coming, From Cheryl Lynn Eaton And Maria Fröhlich (UPDATE)

Bleeding Cool reported earlier on the Milkfed panel at Heroes Con, with the launch of their new website. But there was more to come. Jonathan Rich writes, During the packed Milkfed Criminal Masterminds panel, Kelly Sue DeConnick took the microphone to discuss the expanding worlds of her popular titles Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly, as well as […]

Matt Fraction And Kelly Sue DeConnick Launch New Website, Milkfed.US (UPDATE)

Last year theHeroesCon panel included a screen and digital projector to showcase their plans, but this year they forgot to request either so for the first 25 minutes the creators simply told the audience about their plans while a small laptop onstage awaited being hooked up.“We’re professionals, but not at panels,” DeConnick joked before the[...]

Batgirl Leaves Burnside For Singapore And Okinawa – The HeroesCon Batgirl Panel

    Jonathan Rich writes for BleedingCool. No matter what your favorite incarnation of Batman's young female sidekick, know that those in charge of her most recent past and future want Barbara Gordon to continue to be a fun and hopeful light in the Dark Knight's often grim and gritty extended DC universe. Friday at […]

Taylor Swift As Spider-Gwen – The T-Shirt Of HeroesCon

As seen on the floor of HeroesCon.. Taylor Swift as Spider-Gwen in T-Shirt form...You want a copy? Tackle him to the ground and rip it off his body....  As seen on the floor of HeroesCon.. Taylor Swift as Spider-Gwen in T-Shirt form...You want a copy? Tackle him to the ground and rip it off his[...]

How Jim Steranko Created *That* Hulk Cover…

by Brian M. Puaca Making his first visit to the Heroes Con and, apparently, his first ever visit to the state of North Carolina, Jim Steranko delighted fans who attended his Saturday afternoon panel. This well-attended session, moderated by J.D. Spurlock, who gave quite a rousing introduction, served as an opportunity for Steranko to reflect […]

Pretty Pictures – HeroesCon Sketches, Rocket Racoon, Woman Of Steel And More

HeroesCon has delivered some excellent sketches and commissions, here are some highlights, along with other comic and comic-related artwork from around the net, including some excellent sketches from HeroesCon.Thanks to G for pointing us to this Kermit Drive By by Alec.G also pointed us to The Runaway, via Indiana Jones by Rabitooth.Becky Cloonan sketches Belit[...]

HeroesCon To Clash With Republican Convention In Charlotte This Weekend

This could be fun.From today, through the weekend, HeroesCon kicks off at the Charlotte Convention Center in North Carolina.Also starting today is the North Carolina Republican Annual State Convention Also at the Charlotte Convention Center.How easy will it be to tell the two attendee groups  apart, do you think? And will we get any entertaining[...]

HeroesCon – Art For Art Auction's Sake

Ann Harkey writes for Bleeding Cool;Known as the "preferred con of the pros", HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC is a different kind of comic book experience.Let me preface this article by stating I have only been to a handful of conventions: DragonCon in Atlanta, Wizard World in Chicago, and random anime gatherings I know how to[...]

Steam Crow Gets Jesse Jamesd

  Jesse James writes for Bleeding Cool. We don't actually post the articles, they just appear. We think he's hacking the server. As most of you know or are finding out about me, I travel a lot of cons every year.  However, most tables look the same and most vendors sell the same product. Sometimes, […]