Horizon: Zero Dawn's Latest Patch Gives Us A New Game Plus Option, Ultra Hard Difficulty, And More!

Horizon: Zero Dawn

A new patch for Horizon: Zero Dawn adds a handful of new features in advance of the upcoming Frozen Wilds expansion. Those new features should give us something more to do while waiting for the DLC, alongside giving us some new challenges and vanity options.

The standout feature of the announcement Guerilla Games made on the PlayStation Blog is that we're getting a New Game+ option. This will let you play through the adventure again with your character progression and inventory intact, though the level cap is still set at 50. The NG+ also adds updated weapons and outfits with an extra modification spot, so you'll have something to spend those extra shards on. This is a bit of a throwback move to older RPGs that frequently let you do this with your characters. It fell out of favor sometime in the last decade or so, but was something I absolutely enjoyed. So seeing it again is an absolute treat.

The new patch also adds an "Ultra Hard" difficulty, which makes machines more deadly and aware of you, and also limits your health regeneration. If you choose Ultra Hard, you can't turn it back down, so make sure you're committed — or get ready to delete that save file and start over.

And lastly, the Horizon: Zero Dawn update adds new Trophies, and customization options like facepaint and the ability to change the appearance of Aloy's Focus. This allows you to customize Aloy just a little bit more, giving you some ownership of your particular version of Aloy without making her too much of a Mary-Sue. The new trophies should also give you some more challenges to go ahead and hunt for, now that we're playing the waiting game on Frozen Wilds which is due sometime this year (although we don't have a date for the DLC yet).

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