Horizon: Zero Dawn May Have Seen A Short Delay In UK


Horizon: Zero Dawn is really close now. The game is just over a month away, at which point one of Sony's most anticipated PlayStation 4 games ever will be with us.

However, for us in the UK, we are going to be waiting just a little longer. The US release date is February 28, but in the UK, it was initially March 3rd. In a report last month, it was said the game had been brought up to March 1st, but it may have now been reverted back. As GameSpot note, the game is currently listed for March 3rd again on the UK PlayStation store.

This could simply be an error, but it would seem like a pretty big one considering you'd probably want to know the release date of the game you are pre-ordering. There is also the possibility that this could apply to digital only. We've contacted Sony for some clarification.