Bleeding Cool Game Awards 2017: Results

Bleeding Cool Game Awards 2017: Results


In case you missed them, we ran our own Game of the Year awards during the final hours of 2017, and to save you all the clicking, we've dropped the results right here for your reading convenience. Because we're sure most of you have been partying since early in the morning yesterday. After all, who wouldn't want the celebrate the end of a very depressing year? Gamers, because for us, 2017 was a pretty goddamn awesome year. We got a new Nintendo console after rumors that Nintendo was shifting away from the console market entirely, we got a ton of incredible indie and AAA titles, Call of Duty returned to WWII because no one doesn't love punching Nazis, and even Runescape got an impressive graphic and gameplay update. So we've pulled all the highlights and pulled out the best of the best for you with our GOTY awards. And yes, we put the most important one on top.

All three of our games writers (Madeline RicchiutoGavin Sheehan, and Patrick Dane) chose the nominees and ranked them, with the top ranked choices getting the fancy title of "Bleeding Cool Game of the Year."

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Madeline Ricchiuto is a gamer, comics enthusiast, bad horror movie connoisseur, writer and generally sarcastic human. She also really likes cats and is now Head Games Writer at Bleeding Cool.
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