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Midwest FurFest Evacuated After Intentional Gas Leak
The Rosemont, IL Hyatt was evacuated at 12:40 AM after reports of a noxious odor was spreading across the ninth floor High levels of chlorine gas was discovered in the air by first responders. The hotel was evacuated causing the thousands of convention goers outside in their costumes 19 people were taken to the hospital after[...]
We Found The Bag (UPDATE)
Good news and bad news. After reading the post on Bleeding Cool early this morning, about Sean Jurgens missing bag of original art and signed comics from the Hyatt after C2E2, Dennis Barger, owner of Wonderworld Comics and promoter of the Detroit Fanfare convention got in touch. He has Sean Berger's bag, still full of original art[...]
The Comic Book Pages That The Hyatt Lost At C2E2
He tweets; The fucking idiots at the Hyatt have my bag away to someone else!!! I am fucking fuming All of my artwork, comics and clothes are gone. This is all the art work that I am missing If anyone sees it anywhere please let me know. Said bag contained ALL of my artwork, clothes and 98% of[...]
Thursday Night's Alright For Fighting At San Diego Comic Con
Last night at the the Hyatt hotel bar in San Diego, what seemed a playful altercation turned rather ugly as a Marvel editor and a Marvel writer proceeded to punch each other repeatedly, having to be separated by friends of the pair, escorted away from each other before police arrived – and promptly left. It's not[...]