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This is the same Marvel Legends Red Skull being individually released, just without the weapons and Hydra agent heads However, he will have his own smaller Tesseract to hold that is not included in that single pack figure The large Tesseract will feature alternating light patterns It looks really cool, and is a must-have for[...]
Captain America #1 cover by Alex Ross
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] A prisoner is broken out of a Hydra transport in Russia, and the ensuing fight leaves none of the Hydra agents alive Back in the States, an armed terrorist group modeled after Nuke attacks in Washington D.C Captain America and the Winter Soldier answer this threat, saving as many lives as they can[...]
The Punisher #226 cover by Clayton Crain
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Punisher is out for Hydra blood He has a lot of guilt leftover from his taking their side in Secret Empire, and he intends to rectify that by wiping the fascist organization from the face of the Earth He starts by using CIA information to track down the whereabouts of one Baron Helmut[...]
Tales of Suspense #101 cover by Andrea Sorrentino
Bucky doesn't believe it. The two return to New York and link up with an old S.H.I.E.L.D contact who verifies that there is another player in the spy game taking hits on former Hydra officers This leads to another brutal murder, and Bucky and Clint find another lead on this possible Black Widow. Tales of Suspense #101[...]
Cover to Mighty Captain Marvel #9 by Meghan Hetrick
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Mighty Captain Marvel #9 cover by Meghan Hetrick The war against Hydra and the Chitauri is over Alpha Flight is no more The space station was destroyed The Ultimates have done their job and freed Eternity Quasar is gone Carol Danvers must decide what to do with her life now. To help her, she enlists the[...]
rose city comic con
Rose City Comic Con has changed its costume policy to ban "reminders of unspeakable atrocities," including "Old School Hydra and Red Skull or any other Nazis from entertainment properties." Violations of this rule will result in a lifetime ban from the convention. The change was made to the website yesterday, and appears to be in response[...]
Secret Empire: Omega #1- One Last Pass Through Secret Empire
Secret Empire just happened to turn out to be his self-combusting magnum opus that will be attached to his name for many unfortunate years to come. I loved his Sam Wilson: Captain America until it began tying into Secret Empire, and his Astonishing Ant-Man and Superior Foes of Spider-Man were brilliant series through-and-through. As such, I was[...]
secret empire #10
That doesn't make it great, or even good; just a spritz of water in a drought. Don't get me wrong: it's still far too little far too late, but the time it took to read its 30-or-so pages wasn't as miserable as I've become accustomed to with Secret Empire. So, the Underground, the Avengers, the Ultimates, the[...]
black panther and the crew
Manifold is met by Black Panther, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, and Storm as the five decide what to do about the Americops and the Hydra incursion into Harlem. There are a lot of things revealed in this comic that have a lot of implications for the story itself and its relation to the real world. As such,[...]
White Supremacist Spotted On CNN Wearing Hydra T-Shirt
A screencap of a CNN broadcast is making the rounds on social media tonight, showing a white supremacist wearing a Hydra t-shirt. The shirt was noticed by Anthony Oliveira, part of footage provided to CNN by Vice from a profile on neo-Nazi leader Chris Cantwell which has been airing all night Oliveira tweeted: just noticed the neo-nazis[...]