There Is A Hail-Hydra URL And It Redirects To The White House Site

agents-of-shield-ghost-hydra-2There has been a lot of push back on how Marvel has been handling Hydra in their recent story lines. The main focus has been on Captain America and the Secret Empire story line itself, but they have been doing such things as asking people at stores to dress up like Hydra without thinking of the connotations behind that. While Hydra might not be explicitly called Nazis, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe basically making Hydra break away from the Nazis for being too evil, it's not surprising that people think Nazi when they think of Hydra. The current political environment in the United States has also seen people decide that it's okay to be racist in public again, and a lot of that blame is being put on Donald Trump and his administration.

Someone with a sense of humor decided to play off of this by buying the URL only to have it redirect to this page on the White House's official website.

Subtle but effective political commentary. According to Intenet Archive Site The Wayback Machine it was also subtle but hilarious back in 2015 when the site would redirect to Ted Cruz's website. However, as we look further back into 2014 we find out that the website would redirect to 8chan's GamerGate board which is not funny at all.

Subtle political commentary with someone who has potential ties to GamerGate? I've seen weirder things.

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