After C2E2 Panel With Huge Crowd, Nick Spencer Says "Twitter/Real World Inversion" On Secret Empire Is "Unreal"


Nick Spencer has been getting a considerable amount of negative feedback on Twitter about his upcoming super-mega-crossover event comic, Secret Empire and his "Captain America is a secret Hydra agent" story that's been leading up to it. For evidence, simply check Nick Spencer's twitter feed on any given night, where you're likely to see him engaging in hours-long arguments with critics of the story. Here's an example. Here's another one. Here's another one.

But according to Spencer, the difference between Twitter and "real life" is "unreal." The evidence? A Marvel fan panel at C2E2 for Secret Empire, which as we all know, is an accurately distributed representation of the opinions of all comic fans in real life, unlike Twitter, which is all just biased haters.

Even people from the despicable bowels of Twitter, who are as bad as Hydra agents probably, can be shown the light of Spencer's greatness if they are one of the lucky few chosen to read the preview copy of Secret Empire onstage at the C2E2 panel:

In a truly self-affirming moment, Spencer noted how he really knows how to use his Secret Empire to make fans scream out loud with ecstasy (and they're not faking it – he could tell):

But in perhaps his most Trumpian moment, Spencer wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that he had a really bigly crowd at the panel, quoting a photo from fellow panelist Margaret Stohl:

Crowd size isn't everything, but it is really important.

The Secret Empire Free Comic Book Day issue will be available for at fine comic stores around the country on May 6, but don't read it in public. Read it in bed, after the kids are asleep, with a change of underwear handy, and a sock in your mouth to muffle the screaming.

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