Todd McFarlane Wants to Start a New Image United Before Finishing the Last One

When they aren't informing readers on the latest trends in frozen poultry products or how to score free french fries at McDonalds, one of alleged comic book website's favorite topics to talk about is Image United, the ill-fated collaboration between the original Image founders, minus one Jim Lee (who just did covers) and plus one Robert Kirkman, that fizzled out after just three issues.

Recently, Rob Liefeld has been talking about finishing the book, even taking on more of the pages himself. Of course, with the recent situation surrounding Youngblood, who are featured in Image United (we're pretty sure… it's been a long time), Liefeld's enthusiasm may be dampened in that regard. However, had a chance to speak with Todd McFarlane, and this occurred at San Diego Comic-Con, before the Youngblood situation came to light.

And of course, they asked him about reviving Image United. To which he responded:

Possibly. It's interesting because there's two thoughts. I'll tell you why I hesitated; you could do that book and finish it, but it would have been such a huge gap you've got to educate a whole generation to get you there. Or do you do something new, relevant, current, that somehow gets the vibe of everything. We're actually having some of those conversations right now.

So yes, McFarlane actually suggested launching another project like Image United even though the fourth issue of Image United is currently… *checks notes*… nine years late. But hey, what could be more "Image Comics" than that? We say, go for it, Todd! If nothing else, it will give the newly rebranded something to write about in 2029 when they ask "will the Image Founders ever finish Image United 2?"

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