Avengers: Endgame Iron Spider Gets New Statue From Queen Studios

Spider-Man is back and ready to join the Endgame as Queen Studios announces their newest Marvel statue. Standing 20" tall and wearing his Iron Spider costume with extended arms, Peter Parker is displayed on a battle-worn diorama base. The 1/4 scale statue is very well detailed, and Queen Studios is offered three versions of the Avengers: Endgame statue, each with different customizable parts. These statues will consist of:

  • Regular Edition: Masked head sculpt with blue lens and red "instant-kill mode" lens
  • Premium Edition: Masked head sculpt + switch-out arm and Infinity Gauntlet
  • Deluxe Edition: Masked head sculpt + switch-out arm and Infinity Gauntlet + Tom Holland head sculpt

Each version of Iron Spider is very well crafted and will make an excellent statue for any Avengers: Endgame fan. Iron Spider is currently only available overseas in Europe, Brazil, and Asia, but we can expect the US to release later on. All three Iron Spider Endgame statues from Queen Studios are set to relax by the end of the year, and each varies in price. The Regular comes in at $730, the Premium at $875, and the Deluxe edition is $1,055, and they can all be found located here.

"The Iron Spider Armor, also known as Item 17A, is Peter Parker's most advanced suit yet. The armor made a brief appearance in Marvel studio's 2017 Spider-man Homecoming. The Iron Spider Armor was offered to Parker by Stark at after his battle with The Vulture. Its design is a nod to Ben Reilly's Spider-Man. With the addition of a golden trim, Spider-legs, and other fantastic features."

"Spidey is young and still in high school, and most of the time, all this new and advanced Stark technology seem way above his pay grade, that is if he gets paid. It's clear from all the hiccups when using the armor; he sometimes doesn't know what he is doing. As a reminder that Spidey is still a teenage high school science-whizz, we've decided to do the unthinkable and unmask Spider-Man. Our Iron Spider Armor ¼ Polyresin Statue comes with Two replacement heads. Both have their own appeal. The masked sculpt made from the Iron Spider armor features the original blue lenses. With an Instant-Kill mode red lens option built-in. The final head is a life-like replica of Peter Parker's head; he is facing forward, waiting for what's next."

"The pose and concept for the 1/4 Iron Spider-Man is inspired by one of our favourite scenes in Avengers: Endgame. As Parker is holding Stark's Infinity Gauntlet in the final battle. He becomes overwhelmed by his enemies. The web-slinger activates Item 17A's Instant-Kill mode and the suit engages. His eyes turn red and four extendible legs emerge from his back slaying anything and everything that attacks him. Like the armour in the movie, the suit features the iconic Spidey red & blue, with a gold trim, which contrasts perfectly against the jagged space rock below. The regular edition features Iron Spider-Man with his arm lifted and ready to fight. While the Premium and Deluxe editions include Stark's Infinity Gauntlet."

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