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The Wildstorm 25th Anniversary Project With Full Visual UPDATE – Fiona Staples, Lee Bermejo, Jim Lee, Bryan Hitch, J Scott Campbell, Warren Ellis And More –
It's over 200 pages and will include many creators revisiting their classic work. Sean Philips – Sleeper Lee Bermejo – Deathblow Fiona Staples – Hawksmoor  Tom Raney – Stormwatch Jim Lee, Brandon Choi, Richard Friend – Wildcats.  J Scott Campbell – Gen 13  Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch – Authority Brett Booth – Backlash  It will also include pin-ups such as a Planetary piece by[...]
J Scott Campbell Stretches Out Josie And The Pussycats
From Marguerite Bennett, Cameron Deordio and Audrey Mok. And while Audrey Mok's cover portrays them as glammed up normal-ish young women…  J Scott Campbell, in a cover exclusive to his online store and con sales. prefers the impossibly thin and elongated versions. Wow, Josie's waist-to-toe length is twice that of her waist-to-scalp length[...]
When Samantha Bee Talked 'Sexy Women' With J Scott Campbell And More At NYCC (VIDEO)
Turns out she was walking the floor as well… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsOi1XAVLIcVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee l TBS (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsOi1XAVLIc) And talked to J Scott Campbell about his designs for Illyana – and why he chose to leave her midriff "unencumbered"… [...]
One Week Later – Another Week Delay For Secret Wars #9…
And then the next day all sorts of other people coincidentally noticed as well… Anyway, we were all wrong. Because Secret Wars #9 is now scheduled at Marvel for the second week of January, on Wednesday 13th. Look for everyone else to notice tomorrow… For now, here's J Scott Campbell's cover for Secret Wars #9 for Midtown Comics. [...]
J Scott Campbell Draws Gwenpool For Midtown – And Lady Deadpool Ain't Happy
Here's the J Scott Campbell cover for the Gwenpool Holiday Special for Midtown Comics that isn't even on their website yet, so you saw it hear first. Here's a preview of that very comic… While her first story appearance in Howard The Duck goes to second printing…   Here's the J Scott Campbell cover for the[...]
J Scott Campbell's Danger Girl To Get An Expanded Sketchbook Next Year
J Scott Campbell may have made international news over his comments regarding a certain Star Wars character… But he also lets the brethren know on Facebook, that he's sketching Abbey Chase for the cover of an upcoming Expanded Edition of the Danger Girl Sketchbook reprint for early next year…   J Scott Campbell may have made international news over[...]
J Scott Campbell Creates His Own Exclusive Covers For Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen And Back To The Future And Sells Them On-Line, Signed Or Unsigned
J Scott Campbell, king of the variant cover, is creating more of his very own exclusive covers, doing a deal with a publisher, creating the variant cover and then selling them himself, and now from his newly launched site JScottCampbell.com     And also seeing exclusive FairyTale Fantasies limited edition prints, Marvel lithograph prints, hardcover art books and sketchbooksThe prices on these[...]
J Scott Campbell, Putting The Inhumans Together
J Scott Campbell has this cover for the upcoming All-New Inhumans But how does it all go together?   He tells us  I draw my layouts veeerrrryyy tiny so as not to over-invest in the drawing at this pre-approval stage I also like having a birds-eye view at this stage The design is well within view and[...]