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Jason Momoa Fangirls Over Meeting The Crow Creator James O'Barr
Not to mention, the heartfelt plea from The Crow director Alex Proyas for the remake not to happen, in order to keep the original "Brandon's film". The most recent update on the film came last year when Momoa and director Corin Hardy sealed their deal over some beers (#becauseGuinness) and production began on The Crow: Reborn. Apparently this weekend while[...]
Director Adam Marcus Makes FCBD Trailer for The Comic Bug
And while most stores are celebrating Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 5th, Mike Wellman and his team will be celebrating it on both the 5th and 6th turning his two stores into a mini-comic convention. Some of the guests scheduled to appear are: James O'Barr (The Crow) Chiara Bautista (www.chiarabautista.com) Scott Koblish (The Many Deaths of Scott[...]
The Crow: Memento Mori #1 cover by Werther Dell'Edera and Giovanni Niro
He was resurrected as the Crow to take vengeance on those who committed the atrocity. The Crow: Memento Mori #1 cover by Werther Dell'Edera and Giovanni Niro In high school, I was a huge fan of James O'Barr's the Crow I loved the graphic novel, and I loved the Brandon Lee-led film I am aware that plenty[...]
L.A. Comic Con Beyond Fest Expo LA
It's like a mini-convention inside the convention. Now, this year Mike must have had something hit him in the head, but he's included me in his group (Table M27)… but I swear the other 29 people are so worth going to the show for: James O'Barr (The Crow) Brandon Easton (MASK) Tony Puryear (Concrete Park) Erika Alexander (Concrete Park) Barbara Kesel[...]
James O'Barr Draws Walking Dead #1 Cover For Wizard World Lousiana
A limited run of Walking Dead #1 with a new cover, this time by The Crow creator James O'Barr, used as a giveaway for people going to Wizard World – in this case Wizard World Louisville, from November 6th to 8th at the Kentucky International Convention Center VIP attendees will receive an additional black & white[...]
Another Actor Bails On The Crow Remake
Luke Evans was originally attached to play Eric Draven in the remake of James O'Barr's graphic novel turned film The Crow But Evans left as the production drug on only to be replaced by Jack Huston Well, the director of the film Corin Hardy announced that Huston has now exited the project. Jack Huston is unfortunately[...]
James O'Barr's One Man Show From Lexington
James O'Barr was a guest at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention this weekend where he spilled the news that Jack Huston was going to be playing Eric Draven in the upcoming The Crow remake There was also a spotlight panel for him which had no moderator leaving O'Barr to pretty much fill the 47[...]
James O'Barr Says Jack Huston Is The Crow
He was once rumored to be up for the role of Doctor Strange, but now Boardwalk Empire actor Jack Huston has found his comic book movie. Dread Central is reporting that Huston will play Eric Draven in the upcoming remake of The Crow. Their source for the information? The Crow creator himself James O'Barr told them at[...]
The Crow Reboot Gets A Director
Other than The Hallow which comes out next year, Hardy is mainly known for his music video work with such acts as Ed Sheeran, Biffy Clyro and The Prodigy, but he was recommended to the producers of the film by Edgar Wright. The Crow is based on the comic by James O'Barr and was originally adapted[...]
NYCC: Chasing the Crow: A Guide to NYCC 2014
After I heard about the panel with creator James O'Barr, I went on a mission: I would find all The Crow related content available at the convention this weekend and finally indulge my curiosity. I found what I was looking for easily – James O'Barr, tabling at #, has an impressive assortment of art prints from[...]
Michael Golden and James O'Barr Extend Today's Signing At Orbital Comics, London
Joe, Micronauts) and James O'Barr (creator of The Crow) along with writer/editor/colorist Renee Witterstaetter will be signing and sketching at Orbital Comics today, and have extended their time, beginning at 3pm rather than 5pm, until 7pm Which will give them additional time to take on commissions, rather than doing quick sketches, with rates as follows: £100 for head shots, £150 for torsos,[...]
Things To Do In London In May If You Like Comics – And The British Library
Or wondering what dark forces could be unleashed by exhibiting the manuscripts of John Dee and Alistair Crowley next to one another. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOm-0-G1vaM[/youtube] But it's not the only thing going on in London in May for comics. Friday 2nd May, British Library, 6.30pm – 8.30pm The launch of Mary and Bryan Talbot and Kate Charlesworth's Sally Heathcote: Suffragette a gripping tale of loyalty,[...]
The Crow To Fly Again From IDW
On Pestilence, Bill, a longtime Crow fan, will be joined by artist Drew Moss (TheColonized), with Crow creator and vocal Bill fan James O'Barr supplying covers for the series. Debuting in the spring of 2014, The Crow: Pestilence transplants the spirit of vengeance to the southwest, introducing a brand-new cast of characters and exploring the grim underbelly of greed and betrayal in[...]