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Orbital In Conversation With Jason Latour On Spider-Gwen And More
By Chris Thompson [audio:http://popculturehound.net/podcast/OiCPodcastEpisode132.mp3] After last week's episode with writer Ron Marz (which you can still listen to here), I find myself back at the pub once again to chat with Jason Latour (Southern Bastards, Spider-Gwen, Winter Soldier) about all the work he's currently doing! Jason & I discuss his early years as a cartoonist, how his writing[...]
Thor's Comic Review Column – Spider-Gwen #1, Henchmen #2, D4VE #1, Men Of Wrath #5
It's an easy shorthand to make the world feel both familiar and distinct at the same time and writer Jason Latour negotiates it in pleasing ways that also compliment the story rather that distract it. Latour's Gwen Stacy is indeed a fun character, containing the same wisecracking Spidey dialogue that resonates so strongly with readers of[...]
Booze Geek – Backwoods Bastard And Southern Bastards
This year, we saw the release of his new title at Image, Southern Bastards, with artist Jason LaTour This is a book that exudes everything that Jason Aaron loves and hates about the South, brought to a graphic front by cranky old Earl Tubbs and his stick The Backwoods Bastard seems gnarly enough to be[...]
Southern Bastards #5: Same Great Taste, Just As Filling
And after that huge heap of raw, ensanguined ribs that Jason Aaron and Jason Latour served up in the opening four-issue arc of Southern Bastards, I'd say a second to catch our collective breath is certainly in order It would be a welcome reprieve, if it weren't so damn grim That's what's on the fifth[...]
Spider-Gwen Series Officially Announced With Jason LaTour And Robbi Rodriguez
Spider-Gwen is getting her own series written by Jason LaTour and drawn by Robbi Rodriguez The character has been hugely popular in the month since her debut The news of the series leaked earlier in the weekend so this wasn't a huge shock. This is one of two new female lead Spider-verse titles being announced this[...]
Spider-Man & The X-Men – Respectfully, We Informed You Of This At A Previous Juncture
The series will be written by Elliott Kalan, head writer for The Daily Show, and feature art by Marco Failla. Given the job as a last request from Wolverine and tasked with a mission so secret, Spider-Man can't even tell the other people at the School, America's favorite non-mutant superhero isn't exactly ingratiating himself into the community[...]
Edge Of Spider-Verse Introduces Gwen Stacey As Spider-Woman
Written by Jason Latour and drawn by Robbi Rodriguez, the story of the spider-powered heroes from across all the universes uniting to battle the threat of Morlun continues in September. "This story sees Gwen at a real crossroads of her life," says writer Jason Latour, in an interview with Marvel.com[...]
A Comic Show – Rocket Raccoon's The Star! Star Lord's A Close Second
Both Futures End and Batman/ Superman teased the upcoming Earth 2 war, and EVS drew a super nostalgic Batman 75th cover for Green Lantern #33. Over at Image, Jason Aaron and Jason Latour's Southern Bastards continued to live up to its name Keatinge's Tech Jacket #1 is in print, I'm happy Robert Kirkman didn't kill him[...]
Jason Latour Shares Behind The Scenes Storyboards For Inifnity: Against The Tide
Writer and Artist Jason Latour  known for Scalped, Wolverine and B.P.R.D let us in on a little behind the scenes look at one of his projects He wrote Infinity: Against The Tide starring the Silver Surfer with art by Agustin Alessio… available here Jason put together this animated storyboard for one of the scenes inside[...]
'Whenever Sales Go Down, Somebody Dies' – The Marvel Writers Panel With Kelly Sue DeConnick, Jim Starlin, Jason Latour And Dennis Hopeless At Heroes Con 2014
I don't know that creators have ever been more accessible and laid back in my opinion and experience than I have found them at Heroes Con. Panelists included Kelly Sue DeConnick, Jim Starlin, Jason Latour, and Dennis Hopeless, who actually were a pretty excellent spread in terms of wide-ranging experience as professionals doing different types of[...]
Orbiting Around Captain America – Celebrating Kirby, Waid, Brubaker, Latour And More
[audio:http://www.orbitalcomics.com/images/blog/orbital-podcastcaptainamericaspecial.mp3] Bleeding Cool welcomes back The Orbiting Pod, the podcast of Orbital Comics in London. They say: Welcome to another special episode of The Orbiting Pod! With the new movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier in cinemas worldwide, we've decided to spotlight some of Steve Rogers greatest stories from across the decades. We kick things off with Captain America: Marvel[...]
Early Review: Southern Bastards – Finally A Comic With A Side Of Grit
Both making the South overly sexy and making it seem overly brutal and vile stem from a lack of real-life knowledge and experience since real life is never that simple or easy to characterize. So, I was very curious to read Image's upcoming book Southern Bastards, by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour, and if I hadn't[...]