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Tonight's episode of WWE Smackdown Live just finished taping in Manchester earlier today, and fans have taken to Twitter to reveal the winner of the big title match between champion Jinder Mahal and challenger AJ Styles And as you can probably guess from the fact that you're reading this article, Styles is the winner, and[...]
WWE Champion Jinder Mahal's racist foreign heel gimmick may not be driving ticket sales up, but it's certainly garnering the company lots of coveted mainstream attention Following a scripted promo on Tuesday's SmackDown Live wherein Mahal played on racist stereotypes of Japanese accents by telling opponent Shinsuke Nakamura "You always rook the same," and comparing[...]
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John Cena's dad doesn't have a problem with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal — he has a dozen problems with the Smackdown Live Superstar! Move over, Ryback! John Cena Sr., father of WWE Superstar John Cena, gave a shoot interview (to his own website), and he spent the entire time burying Jinder Mahal. "I don't think he's a good[...]
WWE Launches New Weekly Hindi-Language Show In India: WWE Sunday Dhamaal
Running each Sunday from 6-8 PM on Sony Max, the show will feature replays of what happened earlier in the week on RAW and Smackdown Live, so essentially it will be just like RAW and Smackdown Live, which feature roughly twenty minutes of new wrestling per week and fill the rest of the time recapping[...]
The uncensored and often controversial statements of former WWE superstar Ryback are always good for a dirt sheet news story, and The Big Guy's latest podcast (transcription via 411 Wrestling) provided just that when Ryback got to talking about WWE title contenter Jinder Mahal and then got into WWE's plans to expand into India. "I don't[...]
Randy Orton Expected To Look Strong At WWE Backlash Sunday
Apparently, Vince McMahon hasn't gotten the memo about not hindering Jinder Mahal According to pretty much unanimous agreement from the various pro wrestling dirt sheets, Mahal isn't expected to beat Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Backlash this Sunday, even though his sudden rise to the main event is one of the freshest things to happen[...]
WWE Proves They Are The New WCW With 'House Of Horrors' Match
When suddenly… a savior appears! credit//WWE The Bollywood Boyz (now being called The Singh Brothers) attack Orton only to get dispatched, Orton hits an RKO, but then Jinder Mahal jumps in and nails Orton with the World Championship he stole last Tuesday The crowd actually supported Mahal, but also give him the appropriate amount of heel heat afterward[...]