Randy Orton Expected To Look Strong At WWE Backlash Sunday


Apparently, Vince McMahon hasn't gotten the memo about not hindering Jinder Mahal. According to pretty much unanimous agreement from the various pro wrestling dirt sheets, Mahal isn't expected to beat Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Backlash this Sunday, even though his sudden rise to the main event is one of the freshest things to happen on WWE programming in a long time, and he has such a great natural physique.

Despite a generally positive reception to Mahal's push, few fans were actually expecting him to beat Orton at Backlash. However, they might be surprised by the reason. Various reports over the past week have claimed that Orton is expected to keep the title for a long time, with Vince McMahon himself a big believer in the 13-time world champion. But taking things even further, a new report from Sportskeeda says that McMahon views Orton as a second Roman Reigns.

For most fans, one single Roman Reigns has long been more than enough, but for McMahon, it seems, one can never have too much of a good thing. According to the report, Vince views fans who boo Roman Reigns as a "vocal minority," despite them composing the majority of crowds at most televised wrestling events. As we know from Roman's seemingly never-ending megapush, Vince McMahon isn't likely to change his mind once he sets it to something, so we can probably look forward to seeing Randy Orton winning PPV matches until at least SummerSlam, or beyond.

Then again, as notorious as McMahon is for being stubborn, dirt sheets are notorious for spouting common sense observations and claiming they're based on insider information. So there's still a chance, however slim, that WWE surprises us all on Sunday and Jinder Mahal goes over.

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