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Avengers #684 cover by Mark Brooks

Avengers #684 Review: The Hulk Returns to a Complete Mess

Of course, the big smash-down between Hulk and General Maverick’s Red Hulk/Iron Hulk (which has already been cover-spoiled) is saved for next issue.[caption id="attachment_810990" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Avengers #684 art by Paco Medina, Joe Bennett, Juan Vlasco, Ruy Jose, Jesus Aburtov, and Morry Hollowell[/caption]Joe Bennett’s artwork leads into the comic well too[...]

Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe #2 cover by Kevin Wada

Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe #2 Review: Way Better Than the Opening Issue

However, that recklessness is one of the major charms of Ninjak, so I can’t complain.[caption id="attachment_802190" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe #2 art by Joe Bennett, Belardino Brabo, and Ulises Arreola[/caption]Joe Bennet’s artwork continues to be up to snuff The characters and scenes are given a lot of detail and kinetic energy[...]

pull box comics 02/21/18

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of February 21st, 2018: Alters, Damnation, Bloodborne, and More

Under blackmail from an old foe, Ninja-K, MI-6's best agent, is being hunted by his allies from around the world. Eliot Rahal and Joe Bennett are helming this project which promises to be interesting if nothing else.[caption id="attachment_797339" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Bloodborne #1 cover by Jeff Stokely[/caption]Bloodborne #1Flattery can get you everywhere with me, and giving a spin-off to one[...]

Phoenix Resurrection 5

X-Men: Bland Design – A Beloved Character Returns and Dies Again in Shocking Phoenix Resurrection #5 Twist

We make no promises about the use of your time, however.This week we've got Phoenix Resurrection #5, All-New Wolverine #30, Despicable Deadpool #293, Old Man Logan #34, and Jean Grey #11, but we're starting things off with Phoenix Resurrection #5:Phoenix Resurrection #5 Writer: Matty Rosenberg Artists: Leinil Francis Yu and Joe Bennett Inkers: Gerry Alanguilan and Belardino Brabo Colorist:[...]

New Series Shadowman by Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia- Valiant March 2018 Solicits

THE VALIANT UNIVERSE #3 (of 4) Written by ELIOT RAHAL Art by JOE BENNETT Cover A by GREG SMALLWOOD Cover B by CAFU Interlocking Variant by FRANCIS PORTELA Variant Cover by JUAN JOSÉ RYP Photo Cover Also Available  Rogue agent! The pulse-pounding expansion of Valiant’s upcoming, live-action digital series wages its most dangerous gambit yet as Colin King – aka the international super-spy codenamed[...]

Phoenix Resurrection

Marvel Releases Teaser Trailer For Phoenix Resurrection

Could you imagine if comics were just comics? How embarrassing!In a press release, Marvel touts the upcoming X-Men event Phoenix Resurrection, which will see Jean Grey return (again) after dying (again) in an epic mini-series written by Matthew Rosenberg. Leinil Yu, Carlos Pacheco, Joe Bennett, and Ramon Rosanas provide the art.“Our series examines how she comes[...]

Valiant's January 2018 Solicits: Ninjak And Valiant Throw Down!

THE VALIANT UNIVERSE #1 (of 4) Written by ELIOT RAHAL Art by JOE BENNETT Cover A by MICO SUAYAN Cover B by CAFU Interlocking Variant by FRANCIS PORTELA Variant Cover by BOB LAYTON Photo Cover Also Available Blank Cover Also AvailableA FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND COMIC BOOK EXPERIENCE!Watch the upcoming live-action digital promotion coming this winter – then jump headlong into the fight-fueled showdown of the[...]

Secret Empire: Omega #1- One Last Pass Through Secret Empire

Make of that what you will.Also, Joe Bennett is an artist who deserves more than the interludes between Sorrentino sections Both artists deserve better than that, Marvel.So, that’s how we leave Secret Empire It ends basically like it ran: a comic with good ideas buried under mountains upon mountains of baffling storytelling and really bad[...]

Secret Empire

Secret Empire #9 Review: With One Issue Left, This Comic Still Hasn't Redeemed Much

Leinil Francis Yu, Rod Reis, and Joe Bennett provide good artwork, and the color work of Sunny Gho and Dono Sanchez-Almara complements them well However, it doesn’t make the proceedings entertaining in any way.Hopefully, Bucky Barnes will be in a better comic after this story is over.Put Winter Soldier in something like, I don’t know…another[...]

Sam Wilson: Captain America #24 Review: Cap Picks Up The Shield Again

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] *Ties into the Secret Empire crossover In this issue, we're given more insight into the mind of Sam Wilson, AKA Captain America. We see him in his new Falcon costume, looking over his Captain America uniform and shield. We get a flashback of him conferring with his preacher brother about his decision to […]

X-O Manowar Vs The Torment From Long Live The King

Written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Joe Bennett and Roberto de la Torre, the arc pits Aric of Dacia against an ancient alien race known as the Torment, who are reign terror upon humanity.. as ancient alien races tend to do. They’re here! The Torment – a world-devouring race older than history itself— has arrived[...]

Which Came First – The Arrow Or Casey Jones?

do we think that this is a coincidence or do you think the writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Joe Bennett are having fun with the casting announcement?Recently it was announced that Stephen Amell had been cast as Casey Jones for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel There have been a lot of fan[...]

A Preview Of Arrow Season 2.5 #14… Things Get Serious

The issue is by Marc Guggenheim, Keto Shimizu, Joe Bennett, Craig Yeung and Szymon Kudranski.The issue goes on sale digitally Monday.[Source: SuperheroHype]I've said this before and I'll say it again.. if you aren't reading the Arrow Season 2.5 and The Flash Season 0 comics then you are missing out on some important[...]

Exclusive Extended Previews Of Solar: Man Of The Atom #4 And Dejah Of Mars #3

Barbiere and Joe Bennett and Dejah Of Mars #3 by Mark Rahner and Jethro Morales.SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM #4 Frank J Barbiere (w) Joe Bennett (a) Juan Doe (c)You’re Erica Seleski Yesterday you were an architect Today you can pretty much do anything Can the brand-new WOMAN OF THE ATOM figure out her incredible abilities in time to[...]

The Science of Superheroes in Solar: Man Of The Atom – Plus Preview

Solar: Man of the Atom debuted this week from Dynamite Entertainment, written by the stellar Frank Barbiere with art by Joe Bennett With it, Barbiere updates a Gold Key character and navigates bringing a classic hero into the modern era, with some big twists in exactly who the hero is going to be early on in[...]

Solar: Man Of The Atom Series By Frank Barbiere And Joe Bennett

The new Dynamite Entertainment series is written by Frank Barbiere (Five Ghosts) and illustrated by Joe Bennett (Iron Man) This is the third Gold Key title being relaunched by Dynamite with Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Magnus: Robot Fighter set for earlier releases The subtitless Doctor Spektor is yet to be scheduled. In Solar: Man of the[...]

The Look Of Joe Bennett's Savage Hawkman

 Joe Bennett is drawing the new Savage Hawkman arc, cowritten by Rob Liefeld and Mark Poulton And here are his first sketches of how he plans to be handling the character.As well as a few first pencilled pages of issue 9, made more widely available Joe Bennett is drawing the new Savage Hawkman[...]