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Preview of Roc Upchurch's "Redemption" at Image Comics

As Bleeding Cool first reported, Image Comics put Lucy Claire - Redemption by John Upchurch - better known in comics as Roc Upchurch - on the cover of their Image Comics Previews for December.They also included the preview of the first issue, reproduced below As Bleeding Cool pointed out, the text of the solicitation below[...]

Lying In The Gutters – 24th November 2014 – Always Remember To Call It Research

Avengers? Comics Artist John Upchurch Arrested On Charges Of Battery Multiversity: Pax Americana - It's Not Just Watchmen So.. Who Is The Spider-Verse's Scion? From Axis To Time Runs Out To Spider-Verse The Iron Man That Dared Not Speak Its Name At Disney's Avengers Half-Marathon 39 Thoughts About 39 Comics Frankensteining Marvel's Solicitations For February 2014 Ten More DC Comics' Convergence Titles With[...]

Comics Artist John Upchurch Arrested On Charges Of Battery, Misdemeanor

Roc Upchurch is the artist and co-creator of the comic book Rat Queens, a popular title with a strong female fan base, and an animated TV option from Weta and Heavy Metal. Recently, under his legal name John Carlton Upchurch, he was arrested by Henry County PD under the charge of "Battery- Family Violence, First Offense […]