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Captain America #333 (Marvel, 1987).
In Captain America #321, Steve Rogers faces a situation that would change the course of the character Captain America and the series itself.  Faced with a situation in which a terrorist opens fire on a crowd of hostages, Captain America uses a gun to return fire on the terrorist, killing him and ending the hostage[...]
Falcon and Winter Soldier Star Wyatt Russell on Becoming US Agent
Among them is John Walker played by Wyatt Russell, who found a new identity no longer in Steve Rogers' shadow becoming US Agent in the episode "One World, One People." The former Captain America spoke to Vanity Fair about his character arc, his new ally in Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and what's[...]
John Walker USAgent Will Continue In United States Of Captain America
Today sees the final issue of USAgent: John Walker from Christopher Priest and Georges Jeanty, looking at the battle between John Walker, former Captain America, current USAgent and co-star in the Falcon And Winter Soldier TV series And fighting his own battle with another claimant to the USAgent title – and shield – dubbed The[...]
WandaVision Did What Falcon and Winter Soldier Couldn’t [OPINION]
What did the show accomplish exactly? Image: Marvel Studios Well, you got another superhero origins story in John Walker (Wyatt Russell), a failed Captain America, now US Agent There's no secret that Falcon and Winter Soldier showrunner Kari Skogland and Malcolm Spellman set him up to be a controversial figure and teased as a potential big bad suffering[...]
Falcon and Winter Soldier: Who is the Power Broker? Tapping MCU’s Past
Contessa conveniently picked up the pieces of a fallen John Walker (Wyatt Russell), disgraced from his role as Captain America when his revenge was caught on camera in the previous episode Co-executive producer Zoie Nagelhout, producer Nate Moore, and Russell spoke to about bringing Louis-Dreyfus into the MCU and its darker implications. Image courtesy of[...]
Captain America John Walker Gets New Figure From S.H. Figuarts
Tamashii Nations can not wait either as they announce their newest Marvel Studios figure with John Walker Captain America The figure is loaded with detail, articulation and even comes with a nice set of swappable parts This new unhinged Captain America will have masked, and unmasked head sculpts with the unmasked head sculpt attempting photo-real[...]
the falcon and the winter soldier
One of the biggest storylines we're following in Marvel Studios and Disney+'s Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan-starring The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is what's going to happen to Wyatt Russell's John Walker now that his "Captain America's shield" has tasted blood Does it help that Walker doesn't seem to be the most tightly-wrapped soldier that[...]
the falcon and the winter soldier
No, the biggest threat is the one who currently wields Captain America's shield, John Walker (Wyatt Russell)- and after the last episode, that threat just elevated ten-fold Which is why it's no surprise that Bucky and Sam aren't afraid of a throwdown- not when the legacy of Steve Rogers is on the line. Image: Screencap With only[...]
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier E04 Review:
If you been following The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, you know one of the main characters in John Walker, played brilliantly by Wyatt Russell has been a point of contention as of late It's easy to hate on the man since to fill in the shoes of his predecessor in Steve Rogers (Chris Evans)[...]
Falcon and Winter Soldier: Newer Marvel Cast Talk Approach to Job
But it was huge, and I don't usually get freaked out by a new job, but this one, it did scare me some." Image courtesy of Marvel Studios Wyatt, whose father Kurt Russell played the villainous Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 (2017), makes no distinction to his own approach as new Captain America John[...]
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier E02 Review: Lots of Banter and Plot
As Wyatt Russell is bombarded about what his John Walker/Captain America brings to the table on the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he wants to make one thing clear when it comes to his character: to throw out all your expectations The actor spoke to Deadline Hollywood about how he fits into[...]
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier E02 Review: Lots of Banter and Plot
With the new Captain America firmly entrenched in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it might be time to compare the two men who make up the mantle with the original Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, and John Walker, the current shieldbearer played by Wyatt Russell The latter spoke with Entertainment[...]
Marvel Legends John Walker Captain America Exclusive Up For Order
Marvel Legends reveals continue from the new Disney+ shows, with this weeks reveal being John Walker, Captain America Walker will come with Cap's shield and two swappable heads, one with the mask and one without The likeness for Wyatt Russell is pretty spot on, and the figure loooks fantastic But the big news is the[...]