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John Waters Talks About Martin Scorsese and Marvel Comics Movies

John Waters Talks About Martin Scorsese and Marvel Comics Movies

Legendary film director and producer John Waters attended the 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival where he is the guest of honour, and he was asked about the comments from Martin Scorsese and other film directors regarding the Marvel and DC moves that have hit so many headlines And thanks to Dr Manolis Vamvounis, Bleeding Cool[...]

The Blacklist Season 5: Julian Sands and John Waters to Guest in Season Finale

Well, according to, the finale will have both Julian Sands and John Waters in it.Actor, writer and director Waters will appear as himself in a scene where we reportedly see that he and Red have a similar yet unique sense of style.Sand on the other hand will play Sutton Ross, a corporate spy specializing[...]


Lauren Looks Back: Hairspray

Yet, despite the crime and the ever-climbing homicide numbers, there's still some good — and remarkable — things about Baltimore.John Waters is such a thing The God of Filth is one of my personal favorites, and it has always painted Baltimore in a beautiful, unique light I've enjoyed most of his films and features over[...]

John Waters Top Ten Favourite Films Of 2011

Festivus must be coming because, once again, ArtForum have published "a films of the year" list by John Waters.There's only one obvious surprise in the line-up, and Waters even acknowledges how unexpected a choice it is in his accompanying comments.Here's the full list, with some of Waters comments left in For the rest of his[...]

Win The Really Very Interesting Manson Girl On DVD

John Waters was actually quite appalled by the film - which is interesting in its own right, and is something I'll discuss in my review There's some notable little quirks of casting and, ultimately, you can rest assured that this film has something to say, and an ambitious way of trying to say it.I'll keep[...]