John Waters Talks About Martin Scorsese and Marvel Comics Movies

Legendary film director and producer John Waters attended the 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival where he is the guest of honour, and he was asked about the comments from Martin Scorsese and other film directors regarding the Marvel and DC moves that have hit so many headlines. And thanks to Dr Manolis Vamvounis, Bleeding Cool contributor of old, we have the footage. And, go on then, I'll transcribe it as well…

When asked what he thinks about Scorcese's comments, Waters says,

Well, I agree with him up to a point, I don't like… Well, the Joker, that was a comic book movie and I thought the Joker was really good. So I don't think it's always like that. But I don't go see those movies. Are they the kind of movies I like? No. Does that mean they're wrong, they're not movies, no. But I understand certainly what they were saying, yes. I got what, they were saying, to me yes. Scorcese wrote an editorial in the New York Times yeserday, explaining it more, I believe it was very well written and I agree with him,

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